5 Skin Care Secrets You’ve Never Heard Of!

Just like everyone around you, there are chances that you wish for the healthy and beautiful skin. Here are listed some secrets to achieving the same. Explore in detail.

5 Skin Care Secrets You’ve Never Heard

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Skincare is a must!

Well, this is understood. And it is the major reason why people all across the globe invest a reasonably good amount for their skincare regime. As per the statistics, 1.35 million Americans spent $500 or more on skin care products, in the year 2017.

There is nothing wrong with buying and using those expensive products. But you really need to understand what your skin basically needs. Remember, your skin is more than just the largest organ of the body, and you need to pay greater attention towards it. While you really don’t have to look at your liver or your kidneys, you will never know about their appearance. But when it comes to skin, it is visible and you need to ensure that it looks healthy.

Now the question is how?

Of course, if you check through the internet, you will get a never-ending list of products. But here we are sharing some lesser known tips which can really help you with skin care. Start reading;

Don’t bury your head in the pillow

Do you know you spend about 2,500 hours sleeping annually? However, this is nothing to worry about. What you need to know that most of that time is spent with the head buried in the pillows. And this is what has to be avoided. Try to sleep on the side with your head positioned at the bottom of the pillow. Basically, you need to sleep in a way that the lower half of your face never touches the pillow. Doing so, you will be able to prevent squishing of your face. In simple words, it will prevent wrinkle formation.

Switch to mineral water

You already know how important it is to keep your body hydrated. But this time it is about drinking the right water. Wondering which one? You can get so much more out of a sparkling mineral water as compared to the tap water. You can choose nitrate-free options to let your body better utilize the benefits the water. Mineral water comes with a healthy dose of magnesium and calcium. Hence, it aids in balancing out pH levels.

Trust bananas

Though fruits and veggies are good for your overall health, yet when it comes to skin care particularly, a banana a day can do wonders for your skin. The reason is quite simple; these are full of potassium and magnesium. Hence, having them on daily basis will help to regulate your digestive system, and makes your skin glow in the long run.

Alternatively, you can use bananas to make an at-home mask. Just mash one banana and add a little amount of flaxseed oil. Apply it to your skin and let it dry. You can also add ground oatmeal. This mask will keep your skin hydrated, calm, nourished.

Use iodine for breakouts

Experts believe that iodine kills germs and keep the skin clean. So, you can apply a drop of iodine to a bad blemish. This will make a great spot treatment and use it at night. Remember, you have to apply a small amount with a Q-tip before going to bed.

Don’t ignore the itching

Itching can be due to a number of reasons. But this doesn’t mean you can overlook it. For instance, if it is due to skin infestation caused due to scabies mites, the problem will get worse over the time. You will be trapped by this seven-year itch problem, which will not go away unless you use a right medication. Luckily, you have Dr. Scabies to treat this problem from roots.

Similarly, itchy skin can be due to some other problem. Be careful and be safe!


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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."