3 Reasons You Should Not Scratch Scabies Itching

Scratching is obvious in itching, one of the common signs in scabies. But scratching your itching skin during scabies can lead to even drastic effect you must know.

Scabies Itching

Itching is common and everybody on this planet might have experience it. But when it comes to the scabies’ itch, the experience is like a nightmare. The itching is intense enough to affect your life. To get relief from scabies itch, scratching your skin is obvious. But scratching your skin can make your skin condition worse. Here are the reasons you must not scratch yourself while having itching in scabies.

Scratching will Spread Mites:

If you scratch the affected part of the skin, you get the mites and dead skin layers under your nails. In this way, you spread scabies throughout your environment by touching things and shaking hands. It simply means how contagious scabies is. Besides, the intense scratching can introduce the mites and dead skin into the open air, where they either fall directly to contaminate your belongings or will be drifted by breeze to other homes or person.

This is really a serious problem as the scabies mites can survive for long without food. And they can extend even longer if they find your body to nibble on.

Scabies Will Damage Your Skin:

Continuous scratching will damage your skin which is already worn out by scabies lesions. The grazing at skin will peel off the layers and deepens the wounds, thereby affecting the healing process and inviting the risk of secondary infection. Besides, the itching may persist even after the eradication of scabies

You Make the Itching More Worse:

Scratching provides you a relief for some moments, but it is the damage of skin that can be lasted long. It will fanning the itching flame and makes it more intense, adding to your long term discomfort.

So, you have known that why you shouldn’t scratch your scabies affected skin. Well, it is a strong urge and nothing else, which can be controlled by distraction and using some home remedies. Here are the ways to prevent you from scratching yourself.

  • Keep your fingernails trimmed short which make it more difficult to scratch. If you want to keep your nails long, you can use gloves to avoid scratching.
  • Use an ice cube or a cool wet compress for a cooling relief.
  • Distracting you from itching by squeezing a stress ball or keeps your hands busy.

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