3 Super Natural Ways To Combat Acne Scars At Home!

3 Super Natural Ways To Combat Acne Scars At Home!

Summary: If you think that the prospect of living a blemish-free life is possible only with a cabinet full of chemical creams and other skin care products, you are probably wrong. While these treatments might offer immediate results, but you cannot deny from the fact that these carry a long list of side-effects too. Hence, if you landed here looking for some safe alternative to get rid of the scars, here are some clever natural solutions. Read on.

Those acne scars can occur anytime. And you cannot really stop them from doing the same. But certainly, you don’t need to live them forever. Yes, there exist methods to remove them. Just like you, there are many other people who yearn for some of the best treatment for HYPERLINK “https://drscabies.com/blog/5-natural-acne-treatments-that-works-magically”acne and HYPERLINK “https://drscabies.com/blog/5-natural-acne-treatments-that-works-magically”scars. In the same search, millions of people go through surgical procedures, expensive skincare products, etc. And these help out in recovering at a faster speed. But the only drawback is that these results are temporary and often leave with severe side effects.

Well, not any more you need to worry for your skin and these scars. Nature has blessed with amazing stuff which can be used cleverly to kick-off the acne and their leftover scars in a safer manner. Let’s find out what all you can implement:



Being one of the best natural moisturizer, honey help heal scars effectively. If you want best results in minimum time, go for raw honey. In case, not available, the processed types which are found on the shelves of grocery stores can be used.

Take a small amount of honey in your palms and massage over your scars. Leave it to dry and honey works in it natural way. If needed, added a teaspoon of ground cinnamon for added pore-cleansing power.

Aloe Vera

This can be a best healer for every type of skin. Especially, the fresh aloe vera gel works magically. Being a potent source of vitamins, it heals skin and helps fade scars. It is highly gentle. Thus, you hardly need to worry for further damage or problem for your skin. Besides, aloe is works as a natural moisturizer. Hence, daily usage will leave your skin look and feel softer and healthier.

Nowadays, you will find aloe gel in every drug store. But it is recommended to use fresh organic aloe is best. It is simple to extract. All you need is a potted aloe plant, which is easy to find and require almost no maintenance. So, now when you need to combat your acne scars, just break off a small piece of one leaf. Now peel away the outer flesh and extract the gel. Massage gently and let it dry for at least thirty minutes.

Baking Soda

It is common household item and used for hundreds of reasons. While you have been using it in your recipes, do you know it can be used to heal scars? Yes, being composed of sodium bicarbonate crystals, baking soda gently exfoliates your skin.  It can be used as a cleansing scrub.

A few teaspoons of baking soda can be mixed with water to form a consistent paste. Apply to the affected area and then massage into skin. Leave the mixture for few minutes and let it cleanse your pores. The best thing is that not only reduces scar marks, but also helps prevent further blemishes. You can always apply a good natural moisturizer later on.


So, these were some of the common and easily accessible natural scar removal treatments. You can count on them to eliminate those marks and heal the bad tissues, without costing you much. Go for them to keep your skin flawless.

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