4 Simple Home Remedies for Impetigo

Here are some effective home remedies to treat impetigo at home.

Impetigo is an infected skin condition which is determined by the symptoms like red sores, crusted, fluid filled blisters and itching. Here are some home remedies to treat impetigo at home.

Home Remedies for Impetigo

White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of the effective home remedies for the red sores in impetigo as it removes the bacteria from affected parts. You can use it as antibiotic solution to wash your affected skin part for speed up your healing.

All you need to mix white distilled vinegar in two cups of lukewarm water. Dip a cotton swab and clean your affected area. But don’t scrub the area as it can make the condition worse.

Pat your skin dry and use an OTC antibiotic cream. Cover it lightly with gauze. Do this process daily twice till the infection is improved.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial in nature; thereby improve your skin condition. The strong antibacterial content present in TTO will remove the infection and heal the symptoms. Just mix few drops of tea tree oil with 1 tbsp. of olive oil. Apply this solution over your affected area and leave it for 30 minutes. Afterwards, wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat it for 2 or 3 times daily till your impetigo is healed. You can also pour few drops of tea tree oil in small tub of water to wash the affected area. However, you should not take tea tree oil orally as it can cause side effects.


The use of garlic to heal skin conditions and various health concerns dates back to thousands of years. This is because garlic is rich in natural antibiotic elements which can eradicate the bacteria, besides healing your pain and itchiness.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is tested home remedies for impetigo as it is rich in antibacterial, antiseptic and skin healing properties. It is very easy to use. Just peel off a fresh aloe vera leaf and take out the inner gel. Apply that gel on the affected parts of your skin and wait for at least half an hour. Repeat it for 2-3 times a day.

Some Precautions to Keep in Mind:

Besides using these home remedies for impetigo, you must follow these precautions:

  • Don’t touch affected skin frequently
  • Don’t scratch your impetigo.
  • Always wash your hands with antibacterial soap
  • Don’t share your towels and bedding with others
  • Take a bath or shower with warm water regularly

See your doctor if there is no improvement in your impetigo

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