5 Biggest Myths about Scabies are Busted!!!

There are lot of misconceptions and myths built around scabies which you must know to get better treatment and prevention as well.

Scabies is a contagious disease which is determined by lesions, blisters, crusty red patches and intense itching on the skin. It is caused by a mite which burrows into the skin and lays eggs, making them multiplying to the other parts of the body.

Scabies Rashes

Sadly, there are lots of myths about scabies that affect your outlook and treatment decision. Here, we have busted common scabies myths.

I Can Easily Get Scabies from Infected Person:

Yes, scabies is an infected skin condition but you can’t catch it from infected person with just a light touch or minor skin contact. Infection can only pass on with the prolong skin contact. For example, shaking hand or having sex with infected partner (when skin to skin contact is for long) can make you vulnerable to scabies. Apart from that, using infected person’s bedding and clothes can pass on the infection to you.

Scabies Can Be Easily Diagnosed:

Not, necessarily. This is because scabies symptoms like blisters and rashes mimic those of other skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. So, it is better you see your physician to confirm that you have scabies. Your doctor will examine the signs to rule out the possibility of other skin conditions. However, he can go for biopsy test to check skin for scabies symptoms.

You Can Catch Scabies from Your Pets and Vice Versa:

It is true that the scabies can be exchanged between you and your pets, but they are species specific. It means that the mites can’t survive on the odd host’s body. In simple words, mites from pets can live on human body, causing itching, but can’t multiply to be rigorous and die soon. Same goes for the pet’s case.

Only Patient Needs To Be Treated:

No, not at all! Every person and family member coming into the contact of the patient should be treated as they can be infected too. And remember, the scabies signs take 6 weeks to develop once you catch them. Besides, you must be careful for the personal items of the patient like bedding, clothing, and towels, which must be washed separately.

Things that cannot be washed easily like toys can be secured in an airtight plastic bag to kill the mites over a period of one week.

Scabies doesn’t come back once it is treated:

That’s not true! Scabies can strike you again if you have already this before. However, you can prevent scabies from coming back by practicing good hygiene, keeping yourself away from scabies patient, and see your doctor on if it is reoccurring.

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