5 Early Scabies Signs it’s Time to Get a Treatment

Scabies is curable. But if you are like most patients, you opt for treatment only when scabies turns worse with relentless itching, glazing redness, and large blisters. Why not get your scabies treated in earlier stages? In other words, you should treat scabies before it starts traumatizing your life.

All you need to detect the signs. However, you may confuse it with other skin diseases like allergy or eczema due to the similar symptoms.


The aim is here to prevent the infection spreading to the other parts.

Here we have rounded up early signs of scabies.

SIGN # 1: Relentless Itching That’s Spreading

Itching is the trademark sign of scabies, especially if it is spreading. Here are the things to confirm that it is surely a scabies itch.

  • A few spots on your body feel itchy despite continuous scratching.
  • The itching is even worse at night as scabies mites are more active that time.
  • Itching spreads from one part to another, for example, itching starts from your crotch and spread to your thighs. It just keeps spreading.

Sign #2: Rashes, Bumps and Zigzag Marks Everywhere

See if the itching is coupled with rashes, bumps or zigzag marks on your body. This redness is looking different and is slightly raised. The bumpy lines over there are the place where mites lay eggs. The lines are dug by the mites to move around. If you are not sure if it is scabies, check where they are located.For example, the bumps and ridges start to occur on the parts of your skinfolds like between the legs, toes, fingers, inside the elbows and wrists. They also appear in the genital areas and under the breasts. These are the areas where scabies thrives.

Sign # 3: If You are Not the Only One Who Scratch

Look at your family members, friends, and colleagues. Are they feeling itchy too or frustratingly digging into their skin? Do they have the similar symptoms? If so, they may be infected by scabies passing on from you during a physical contact. Besides, using infected person’s belongings also spread the scabies infection.

Don’t Waste Time. Treat Your Scabies Before it Turns Worse

You must be familiar with the early signs of scabies. However, instead of seeking treatment for the worst stages, get them treated earlier. Luckily, you can treat the mild signs of scabies at home with OTC creams like permethrin. Dr. Scabies is a natural and homeopathic scabies cream which eases the signs of scabies and gives you a complete treatment.

However, it is important to follow the precautions to boost your healing and prevent the scabies infection as well.

  • Use the OTC cream after taking a bath.
  • Don’t give your belongings to other.
  • Vacuuming the furniture and carpet at home to remove the mites.
  • Don’t scratch as the nails can pass on the germs to the skin.
  • Treat everyone in your family.
  • See your doctor if your scabies turns worse despite using OTC creams.

Avoid skin-to-skin contact till the scabies is fully healed.

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."