5 Must Have Vitamins for Women's Health- You cannot miss them out!

Women form an integral part of the society. And in order to build a healthy society, it is highly important to take proper care of the wellbeing of every woman across the globe. Let’s start with the necessary vitamins which are vital for their health. Read on to know more.

5 Must Have Vitamins for Women's Health- You cannot miss them out!

Well you already know that vitamins and minerals are essential to life. And if you are a woman, then it becomes more important for you to take care of your vitamin intake. Without them, it is impossible to stay fit, look healthy, efficiently digest food, and do many other activities in your daily life.

Besides, all these known facts, there are higher chances that you're not getting enough of the good stuff. Yes, often women are found lacking these essential elements. While sometimes it is due to their busy schedules, other times it can be due to unhealthy eating practices. Here it is also important to understand that vitamins and minerals needed by women are different from those for men. Hence, you need to be little more careful while planning a healthy diet.

Find out the list of vitamins you need to incorporate in your routine:

Vitamin A:

Being an antioxidant it simply boosts your immune system, cut down the risk of heart disease, slows down the skin aging and also improve vision. While it is important for your health, it is necessary to note here that it can be toxic in large doses. Yes, it is beneficial only when taken in right quantity. Experts recommend a daily dosage about 2,300 international units. How to fulfill the requirement? It is best to get this vitamin from a beta-carotene source. You can count on a large carrot or a cup of sliced cantaloupe for this.

Vitamin B:

The blend of 8 B vitamins altogether help you maintain a perfect metabolism, tone your muscle, and make your mind sharp. While for the young women, it is B9 (folic acid), which is significant to keep their red blood cells healthy, it also guards against cancer and birth defects. On the other hand vitamin B12 helps you with nerve-cell and red-blood cell development. Well these vitamins can be found in an extensive variety of healthful foods. For the adequate supply of vitamin B12, you can go for a cup of plain low-fat yogurt, one chicken breast, one hard-boiled egg or one cup of milk plus one cup of raisin bran.

Vitamin C:

It is the presence of antioxidant which is believed to improve your immune system and assist in preventing heart diseases. Also, it is well known as a cold fighter, curing prenatal problems and fighting eye illness. Besides, experts believe it to help heal wounds faster and treat those wrinkles on your skin. The recommended daily dosage for vitamin C is just 75 milligrams (mg). Hence, you don’t need to take any supplements, unless you are eating citrus fruits and vibrant veggies. Just a single orange is packed with all of your daily vitamin C need. The other option can be one red pepper or a cup of broccoli.

Vitamin D:

If expert is to be believed, the right amount of vitamin D can prove to be a wonder drug. It is said to reduce the risk of breast cancer by as much as 50 percent. Isn’t that amazing! Moreover, it also offers protection from both ovarian cancer and diabetes. It also helps in calcium absorption and thus is important for the muscle function. While the major source of this vitamin is sunlight, so you can get ample amount by exposing yourself to early-morning sunlight. Alternatively, eating fish and vitamin-fortified products can help.

Vitamin K2:

Being involved in numerous functions, it becomes highly important for women. From prevention of everything, like from wrinkles to cancer, Vitamin K2 plays a vital role. It is essential for bone health as it ensures the adequate bone density. Similarly, for your dental health, it prevents from dental decay, tooth sensitivity and other issues. Another major benefit is that it offers a great cardiovascular health by clearing the blockages in your arteries.

So, if you or some other woman in your life is deficient of any of these vitamins, it is important for them to start consuming them from today onwards. Don’t delay and step towards a healthy future!

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