5 Natural Ways to Remove Flea from Your Home

Here are the effective home remedies to remove fleas from your home.


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Fleas are the wingless insects that thrive on the dogs, rabbits, cats and even on the human being. They leave their eggs on their host’s belongings like beds, clothes, or cars. Therefore, you must keep you house clean to eradicate the fleas. Here are some easy tips to do that:

Make an Effective Natural Herbal Flea Spray:

Did you know? You can prepare an effective herbal spray to deal with the flea at home. It is great because it is free from harmful chemicals unlike the commercial sprays. It can be prepared with vinegar, lemon juice and witch hazel.

Let’s see how you can make natural herbal flea spray.

Mix 3.5 liters of vinegar with 500 ml lemon juice, 1.30 liters of water, 240 ml of witch hazel.

Now, put the solution into the garden sprayer having the capacity of holding more than 6-7 liter at a time.

Spray each and every corner of your home which includes carpets, furniture, floors, and window sills. Repeat the process daily till you eradicate the fleas out of your home.

Vacuum Everything:

Vacuum cleaning of the home is essential for the corners lacking exposure to the sunlight, making them to develop the humid and cool spots. Vacuum cleaners play important role for the hygienic conditions as

Try Dish-washing Liquid:

If you want to keep fleas out of your home, you can try dish washing liquid which catches and kills them. It’s even useful when you bathe your pets with dishwashing liquid.

All you need dish washing liquid, dinner plates, tea candles and warm water.

At night, keep dinner plates in the middle of your rooms. Fill them with warm water. Add dishwashing liquid to this water and place one tea candle in the center of each plate. Light the candles.

It works because the fleas get attracted towards light. When they come near to the light, they will be stuck in the thickness of the dish washing liquid. It means they trap and die. Repeat the process unless you get rid of them.

But that tip come with cautions. As you are using fire at night, don’t let you children or pets move freely to that rooms where you have used that.

Use Salt:

Salt is an effective home remedies to get rid of fleas from your home, especially from the hidden corners. Since it is a dehydration component for fleas which dries out their bodies, it can eliminate the fleas easily.

You can use table salt or sea salt for that. Fill up the large spice bottle with shaker top with the salt. Shake and sprinkle the salt over the areas in your room. Wait for 1-2 days and vacuum thoroughly thereafter.

Try Citronella Essential Oil:

Being known as the natural flea repellent, citronella essential oil is obtained from the Ceylon citronella tree. It is safe to use both for human and pets. The oil is an age oil remedy to remove fleas, black flies and mosquitoes.

Let’s see how to use this citronella oil for fleas.

Take one gallon of warm water and add 20 drops of citronella oil, 10 drops of tea tree oil, 10 drops of lemongrass oil, and 5 drops of geranium oil.

Clean your entire house. Use the solution in mopping the floors of your home.

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