5 Super-Foods to Say Good-Bye Thyroid!

In the recent years, hypothyroidism has become one of the common diseases spreading its roots all across the globe. Being an inflammatory disorder of thyroid gland, it is known to be a blend of different disorders. Let’s find out how to keep this disease away just by adding healthy food to your diet.

5 Super-Foods to Say Good-Bye Thyroid!

Do you that in America more than 27 million are suffering from some sort of thyroid disease? Being found in women mostly, this disease is said to increase with the growing age.

Basically, thyroid is located in your neck. This small butterfly shaped gland weighs about an ounce only and has very important functions to carry out. While it regulates the skeletal and muscular growth of children, it is also said to maintain your body temperature, controls the rate of energy production and heavily influences the brain function.

Now in order to prevent the disease from happening, it is highly essential to first understand it. And also understand the root cause of the disease. Once it is clear, it will be easier to prevent the disease from increasing the problem and doing any harm to you. While in some cases it can be due to hereditary problem, on the other hand it can be due to deficiency or an excess of certain nutrients in the body.

In case you are suspected with thyroid or you just want to keep it at bay, it is advised to adopt these super foods to your diet and keep your free from it.

  1. Coconut Oil: When we say ‘super food’, it is the one to score the highest. Being a medium chain fatty acid food, it is boosts metabolism by burning quickly for energy. Coconut oil contains plant based saturated fat which are must have for your body to build hormones. And do you know it is said to reduce your body weight too!


  2. Brazil Nuts: Another helpful agent to put away thyroid is the Brazil nuts. Having the appropriate amount of an important antioxidant, selenium, which is essential for the conversion of T4 to T3 hormone, it is helps in proper functioning of the gland. Just have five nuts a day for great health.


  3. Turmeric: Have you ever thought how just small rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant can prevent you from a major health problem like thyroid? Let’s make it simple, it was about the spice you already know, turmeric. It is the present of antioxidants and inflammation properties which make it a well-known herb for medicinal purposes. You can have it either way, combining 1/2 tsp ground turmeric with the juice of a lemon or add it to hot water and one tbsp honey for better taste. This will reduce tumor growth, aids in liver detox, and quells inflammation.


  4. Oysters: They are a delight to have, especially with some lemon and horseradish isn’t it? Your mouth is watering? Well now you have another reason to go for this lip smacking food. Being the richest food item in zinc, it becomes necessary for immune health. The reason being, it is the presence of zinc, which helps thyroid gland to transform the inactive hormone T4 into the active hormone T3. Along this, oysters are a great source of vitamin D, which is also highly crucial for thyroid function and immune health.


  5. Sea Veggies: Those who love sea veggies will be excited to know that their favorite item is extremely good for health. Yes, the sea vegetables are thyroid-boosting gift from the nature. The best sources for the trace minerals are found in nori, kombu, kelp, wakame, dulse and many other veggies which arrive from the ocean. In addition, these veggies are great source of iodine, which is a contributing factor to hypothyroidism.

So, now you can have these super foods, and protect yourself and your family from thyroid. Eat healthy, stay healthy!

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