5 Vitamin D Rich Foods You Must Have!

Do you know how crucial Vitamin D is for bone health? Yes, it helps you to maintain a good balance of calcium and phosphate. And inappropriate amount of vitamin D can lead to severe problems like rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. Hence, for healthy bones and muscle strength it is must to right quantity of Vitamin D. Checkout what all you can add to your diet.

5 Vitamin D Rich Foods You Must Have!

Have you ever come across children with extremely bowed legs? Well, this condition is called as rickets and there is no other reason than presence of low levels of vitamin D in their body. Basically, it is the deficiency of this particular vitamin which causes the bones to become soft and weak.

Vitamin D is an essential element for bone health for adults and children, both. And reduced vitamin D levels can develop bone problems like rickets, osteomalacia, bone pain, fractures, and muscle weakness. But this never means that the function of this essential element is constrained to bone health only. It significantly helps improves your immunity, decreases disease-causing inflammation, control the growth of your cells, provides nerve and muscle strength.

Moreover, a number of studies suggest that it help with other health problems like multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, weight loss, colon cancer, and other types of cancer. Thus, it is important you keep a special check on your diet and make sure you have an ample amount of vitamin D. For this, you can consider having these foods on regular basis.

Say ‘Cheese’

That makes you go ‘yum’, isn’t it? Almost everyone loves to have it various forms. It is one of those food items which can single-handedly provide you greater satisfaction than any other food. And now one more reason to enjoy it. It is one of the most important food items high on Vitamin D. So, now spreading an additional layer of cheese on your pizza base or that simple morning slice of toast will be a great thing to do. Along this, if you really wish to increase Vitamin D level, make ricotta cheese your favorite.

Milk is must

Since your childhood, you might have seen your mother running after you with a glass of milk. She was rightly doing it for your bone strength. Now when you are grown enough, it is important to understand how important it is to have milk. Containing plenty of bone-strengthening calcium, it offers a quality amount of vitamin D. You can take it any form, hot, cold or add it your shake powder.

Soy Milk- an alternative to milk!

For those, who don’t want to go for fatty whole milk can switch to this healthier option! Soymilk is an excellent option for vitamin D, having up to 300 IUs per cup. Basically, it is plant-based milk which is produced by soaking the dry soybeans and then grinding them. Water is added to it later. It is said to contain almost same amount of protein as that of cow’s milk, but it has greater amount of Vitamin D, Vitamin C and iron.

Have mushrooms in your meals

Whatever form you like shiitake, Portobello, chanterelle, morel, or any other, mushrooms have been loved worldwide. These are one the most delicious and low calorie ingredients you can add to increase the level of vitamin D. In case, you are not having it regular, make sure you now have it in salad form, or you can experiment it in new ways, may be into pasta dishes.

Salmon once a Week

When it is about vitamin D, the best place to find it is in your favorite fish’s herring, sardines and salmon. Being a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein, salmon is a vitamin D rich food. You can make it an addition to your weekly dinner and get apt amount of the essential vitamin.

So, when you know vitamin D is vital for your health. Start with the above stated foods and have optimal levels of vitamin D!

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