6 Common Causes of Hair Fall and Solutions

Are you seeing the big chunks of hair on your pillow? Have you noticed the strands coming out with combing? Does your towel have the same story to tell? If yes, if means you’re losing your hair, thereby having a tendency to go bald. Rather than being worried over the falling hair, you must know the general causes of hair fall along with the solution.


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Hereditary Factors:

It is one of the common causes of hair fall though it is not a disease. This type of baldness occurs because of the combination of genes, hormone levels and ageing. Also known as androgenetic alopecia, you inherited the genes from your parents, either from mother of father, and you’re prone to have a baldness chances if both of your parents have it.


A dermatologist can prescribe minoxidi or Rogaine to slow down the process of the hair fall.

Iron Deficiency:

The deficiency of iron in the body makes your hair dull and fragile, thereby causing hair loss. In other words, hair loss can be taken as one of the earliest symptoms of iron deficiency in the body.

When the body has lower iron level, the blood lacks adequate red blood cells to carry oxygen to other cells at the various parts of the body, including the hair follicles. Therefore, hair follicles start losing their strength and growth due to the lack of enough oxygen. The other signs of iron deficiency in the body are cold hands, weakness, pale skin and cold hands and feet.


To meet the deficiency of iron in the body, take iron rich foods like red meat, lentils, prunes, broccoli, walnuts, parsley, beetroot, almonds and walnuts. You can take iron supplement after consulting your doctor.

Skin Conditions of the Scalp

Apart from iron deficiency and hereditary factors, a skin condition of the scalp matters most. If your scalp is itchy and causes inflammation due to the dandruff, ringworm and psoriasis, it affects the strength of the hair.

In case of dandruff, the scalp shed the skin in the form of greasy scales you can notice on your shoulder or on your hair. On the other hand, psoriasis produces a dot like scale on the scalp that bleed if pulled off. In ringworm, the red patched occurs on the scalp. In this way, they adversely affect the growth and the strength of the hair.


Consult your physician immediately to treat these skin conditions.

Not Having Enough Zinc Level in Body:

Zinc is essential for the cell reproduction, tissue growth and repair. Hair fall is one of the major symptoms of the zinc which comes as the weakness and breakage. It also affects the protein molecules of the hair structure.


Take zinc rich diet such as oysters, beef, crab, lobster, cereals, chickpeas, kidney beans, oatmeal and almonds.

Wrong Beauty Habits:

Frequent hair brushing, combing wet hair and giving excessive blow drying to hair are some of the bad beauty habits costing your hair. Hot water bath may be the another reason behind hair fall.


You must comb the hair only when they get dried off. Avoid excessive blow drying.


Both physical and mental stress can be reason for the hair fall, although hair will grow back once your overcome it. According to the experts, there are three types of hair loss due to the stress: Telogen effluvium, Alopecia areata and Trichotillomaina; all of them affect the hair follicles.


Healthy diet, workout and medication are the effective step to deal with the stress.

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