6 Vitamin E Rich Foods You Must Have!

Being one of the most essential vitamins, it is also a powerful antioxidant which significantly protects your body against the damage from environmental toxins. Expert’s state that it is must to consume 15 milligrams of vitamin E per day. If you are not having it, you are missing an essential health element. Find out some easily available dietary intakes for fulfilling the need of vitamin E in your body.

6 Vitamin E Rich Foods You Must Have!

If you wish to maintain good health and strength, it is important to have a diet full of vitamins, minerals and all other necessary elements. As far as vitamin E is considered, it not only enables you to perform several important functions, but also prevents you from various diseases and disorders. Well known to improve virility, vitamin E acts like an anti-oxidant to protect your body from various ailments.

Basically, it is a fat-soluble antioxidant compound which is said to play a vital role in reducing the free-radical production in human body. It further assists in neutralizing the harmful after-effects of oxidation of fats which prevents ageing and development of chronic diseases. Hence, if you wish for overall maintenance of a healthy immune system, it is must to incorporate these foods rich in vitamin E.

  1. Hazelnuts: Being exceptionally rich in vitamin E, these nuts are highly recommended to help reduce the LDL or bad cholesterol. Do you know they carry 21% of the recommended value of vitamin E per day? And that’s not all. It is rich in other essential elements like vitamin A, vitamin C and proteins. So, from today onwards add them to your cakes, cookies, pies or go for yummy hazelnut butter.
  2. Almonds: When it comes to the best and easiest available vitamin E rich foods, almonds score very well. You can consume them raw or go for various forms such as almond milk and almond oils. An ounce of almonds serves you’re with a whopping 7.4 milligrams of vitamin E, isn’t that perfect.
  3. Peanuts: Other type of nuts which is said to be a great source of vitamin E and is significantly good for the heart is the peanuts. Experts believe that 1/4th cup of peanuts is equal to 20% of the required vitamin E intake. And do you know that it is a great source of antioxidants which reduces the risk of weight gain? You can take them raw or add to your dishes, salads, etc. Along this, it is preventing colon cancer and gallstones due to a good amount of monounsaturated fats present in it.
  4. Avocado: You love this fruit? Well this is a great thing as avocados are one of the tastiest foods with Vitamin E. Being a natural oil-rich food, it is highly recommending to add sliced avocados to your sandwiches, salad or any other way you like it. Remember, just half of an avocado holds consist of more than 2 mg of vitamin E.
  5. Asparagus: If you are looking for a healthy addition to your diet, which consist of several minerals and vitamins in abundance, asparagus is the answer. With amazing anti-cancer benefits, it carries beta carotene, zinc, manganese, selenium, and vitamin C and E. Just a cup of asparagus and it completes 18% of your daily requirement of vitamin E. Other benefits of having asparagus in your diet is that it helps fighting cancer, maintains sugar level, and help in digestion.
  6. Spinach: A green leafy vegetable, with several essential vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E, spinach is rightly considered to be one of the healthiest food items. So, add half a cup of spinach and it completes 16% of the daily requirement of vitamin E. Here you also need to note that cooking spinach or steaming it boosts the amount of its nutrients. Hence, you toss it up in salads or eat spinach raw, but cooked form is preferable.

There have been several studies made which proves the significance of this vitamin is preventing degenerative mental imbalances like Alzheimer and dementia. Hence, if you were planning to take extra vitamin E supplements, now you have a natural and safe escape. These foods are rich in vitamin E and fulfill the amount of the daily requirements of powerful antioxidant lipid in your body. And having them regular in your diet saves you from numerous infections, pollution, and yes, slows down the aging process too!

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