8 Easy Preventing Measures to Fight Eczema

Here are the easy steps to prevent and alleviate the flare ups of eczema.

Eczema is a skin condition that is determined by the red patches with intense itching. It can be caused by irritants, allergens, change in temperature, foods, stress and change in hormones levels. There are some 10 types of eczema have been found so far.

Preventing Measures to Fight Eczema

Here are the tips to prevent and control eczema.

Know What Causes Eczema:

There are many things causing eczema like scented soaps, dust mites, chemicals, certain foods, and grass. This will help you to adopt necessary protection from these causes of eczema.

Moisturize Your Dry and Itchy Skin:

Applying moisturizer is the good way to minimize eczema resulting from the dry skin. The best time to use moisturizer is when you step out of the bath or shower. Pat dry yourself with a towel and gently apply moisturizer all over your skin. Moisturizer will help trap the moisture you get from while bathing.

Balance Your Home Extreme Temperature:

A change in temperature or humidity can trigger eczema. Therefore, you must manage the extreme conditions inside your home. For hot and humid weather, use AC and keep your home cool. On the other hand, you must turn on the humidifier during winter to balance your skin moisture.

Avoid Scratching Your Skin Frequently:

Intense itching urges you to scratch your skin for a relief. But that can worse the condition as it not only damages the skin tissue, but also lead to an infection. Besides acquiring a strong will to resist scratching, you can use cold compresses, baths and several creams like Dr. Scabies.

Wear Loose and Comfortable Cloths:

Tight fitting clothes often irritate skin and limit skin breathing, developing an eczema condition. Therefore, you must wear comfortable clothes to ease your itching condition. Limit the use of certain fabrics like polyester and synthetic fabrics to avoid irritation. Instead, cotton and cotton blend fabrics are best. 

Avoid Taking Stress:

Stress is one of the prime factors that can worse eczema condition. This is because your body tries to protect you when you are tense by producing excessive inflammation. If you have already eczema, the excessive production of inflammation can worse it. Therefore, you must avoid taking stress by performing exercises, medication, relaxation and taking enough sleep.

Wash Away the Itch from Your Clothes:

Wash your beddings, towels and clothes with mild laundry detergents twice to wash off the traces of detergents that can cause itching. Limit the use of colorful and perfumed detergents and fabric softeners as they may be left on your cloth, thereby triggering itching.

Use Eczema Medications:

Apart from these lifestyle changes, you can use eczema medication to ease your intense itching. Some of the itching medications like Dr. Scabies are available without doctor’s prescription. You can also consult your doctor if the itching is so severe and there is a blister over your skin.

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