9 Daily Habits Damaging Your Kidneys- Alert!

The two bean-shaped organs, kidneys, might be just the size of a fist, but these form an important part of your body. Located just below the rib cage, every day these filter about 120-150 quarts of urine, waste and excess fluid. While you care for your body, often you overlook the care tips for these organs. Yes, there are several habits, knowingly or unknowingly which can damage your kidneys. Learn more here.

9 Daily Habits Damaging Your Kidneys- Alert!

These help to maintain the electrolyte levels, produce hormones, keep bones strong, regulate blood pressure, make red blood cells, and do much more. Yes, you guessed it right, it is none other than those your kidneys. Being an essential and amazing organ, it helps in production of hormones, absorbs minerals, filtering blood, producing urine and maintains a healthy acid-alkaline balance. Saying that, there is no life without the kidneys is true in every sense.

While you are known to the significance of kidneys, do you there are some habits which can harm your kidneys? Here is a list of those habits you need to avoid for healthy kidneys.

Drinking less amount of water!

Caution! Is your body lacking the right amount of water? If yes, then it is a straight forward warning that you are moving closer to kidney problems. It is a well- known fact that the major functions of these organs is to filter blood and to remove toxins and waste materials. And if you are not consuming ample amount of water, the toxins and waste materials will be absorbed. This simply causes serious damage to your kidney and body.

Delaying the urination!

This is one of the major bad habits which can seriously damage your kidneys. And the worst part is that people often ignore the urge to go to a toilet, due to varying reasons. While sometime they are fixed with urgent piece of work, on the other hand they just don’t want to urinate in public toilets. But you really need to know that this habit can be greatly harmful for your health. So, if you usually retain the urine, be prepared for increased urine pressure, incontinence, kidney stones formation, and worst can be kidney failure.

Having too much of much salt!

In order to function in a proper manner your body needs sodium or salt. But here it is vital to understand that your body has a necessity of a particular limit. According to the WHO the daily intake of salt needs to be lower than 5 grams. However, a lot of people consume too much salt, i.e. in average 9–12 grams per day. Adding a great quantity of salt into their diet creates problems like increased blood pressure and yes, puts greater stress on your kidneys.

Say no to alcohol!

Alcohol will not cause any good to your health. Well, this is a fact you all know. But despite of making those several promises people drink alcohol.  It is a legal toxin, which basically adds a greater amount of stress on your kidneys and liver.

Consuming great amount of animal protein!

The reason is quite known; the greater protein over-consumption increases your kidneys metabolic load. Thus, if you are having too much of them, such as red meat, it adds great amounts of protein and further hardens your kidneys function. And if you continue with the same, it results in kidney damage or dysfunction.

So, overall caring for your kidneys goes hand in hand with caring for your health and well-being. If you want your kidneys to serve you well, it is essential to follow the above stated tips and also look for some major don’ts. Wait for the next post which will be sharing the habits you need to restrict.

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