9 Health Benefits of Cucumber Beyond Fixing Puffy Eyes


Did you know cucumber can be useful in several health problems associated to the heart, bones and brain. Read here the amazing health benefits of cucumber.

9 Health Benefits of Cucumber Beyond Fixing Puffy Eyes

Cucumber is the less hyped vegetable and its uses are mostly limited to the skin and the eyes. But several studies have proved that it is beneficial in several health disorders. Here are some of the health benefits of cucumber you probably know:

For Brain Health:

Cucumbers are rich in anti-inflammatory element, fisetin that is crucial for the brain health. Plus, it improves your memory and slows down the declining of the nerve cells due to the ageing. Many studies have found that fisetin is helpful in Alzheimer’s diseases.

Cancer Protection:

Cucumbers are also known to provide anti-cancer benefits due to the presence of the lingans, which can prevent the risk of the breast, uterine, ovarian, and prostate cancers. These lignans include lariciresinol, secoisolariciresinol and pinoresinol which function is built around the bacteria around the digestive tract. When you consumer lingans, the bacteria in your digestive system convert them into enterolignans like enterodiol and enterolactone, which are helpful in preventing the cancer.


Cucumbers are the prime source of the antioxidant elements like beta carotene, vitamin C, manganese. Besides, they are rich in quercetin, luteolin, kaemferol and apigenin. Cucumbers lower the activity of the pro-inflammatory enzymes and excessive production of the nitric acid to prevent the inflammation.

Antioxidant Properties

Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants which balances the free radicals production to protect your tissues from damages. They have vitamin C, which is essential for a healthy immune system while its beta carotene keeps your skin and eyes healthy. Plus, they are high on other antioxidant flavonoids such as quercetin, luteolin and kaemferol which are beneficial in heart and chronic diseases.

Bone health

Lack of essential vitamin K can lead to the bone fracture. Several fruits and vegetables are the good source of vitamin K, and one of them is cucumber with 11 % of your daily intake.


For Bad Breath:

Cucumber is the proven remedy for the bad breath. Its photochemical content kills the responsible bacteria for odor. On the other hand, Ayurveda tells that cucumber take out the excess heat from your stomach which creates bad breath. All you need to put a cucumber slice on the roof of your mouth.

Reduce the Stress Level:

As it has been said that cucumber is good for brain health, it is beneficial to reduce the stress. Since the vegetable is high on multiple B vitamins like B1, B5 and B7, which soothes the signs of anxiety and harmful stress effects.

Digestive Health:

Cucumbers support your digestive system as they are loaded with water content and dietary fiber that combine together for an easy digestion. Plus, they are efficient to flushes the toxins out to easily make you digest the food. Having a cucumber juice daily can help you with several digestive problems like gastritis, ulcers, and heartburn.

Heart Health:

Cucumbers are the friend of your heart. Thanks to the presence of potassium which is necessary for the low blood pressure levels. You must remember that potassium’s presence in your cells is essential for your body to function properly.

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