As per the current studies it was found that over 300 million people around the world are suffering from scabies and that makes it one of the most common skin conditions. The scientific name for scabies is Sarcoptes Scabiei is highly contagious in nature. Its working principle is a mite that burrows under the 1st […]

If you have ever suffered from anal fissure, you might be aware of the embarrassment and irritation which comes along. Being a health challenge, anal fissures are painful and chronic. Basically, it is defined as a tear or break in the skin that extends from muscles controlling the anus up into the anal canal. While […]

Here we have rounded up common skin problems in winter and how to take care of them. As winters are round the corner, you must be busy guarding your skin off the onslaught of winter. After all, skincare becomes challenging as the cold and damp weather make your skin vulnerable to dryness, chapping and cracking. […]

Learn here how to treat rosacea with these simple home remedies. Do you have rosacea? It means that you are being tormented by red skin and inflammation. Even worse, the affected areas are likely to swell due to the pus formation, making the condition look like acne breakouts. From excessive exposure to the sun, changes […]

Learn here the differences between acne and eczema. Eczema and acne are two different skin conditions. However, they have common symptoms like red, bumpy and inflamed skin. Some people may confuse the symptoms of eczema with acne or vice versa. So, how to tell if you have acne or eczema? Let’s go through the differences […]

Here are some simple ways to take care of your sensitive skin. Living with sensitive skin is not easy. People with this skin type are prone to sunburn, irritation, itching, breakouts and allergy. Then, they have to restrict to minimal cosmetics to avoid reactions from the cosmetic products. Sensitive skin is caused by allergic skin […]

What is facial eczema? What are the symptoms of eczema on face? How to deal with facial eczema? Here we have answered everything you wanted to know about facial eczema. Eczema is a skin condition which is being characterized by scaly, itchy and red skin. Also known as dermatitis, it can occur on several places […]

The Sarcoptes Scabiei mites, which are known to cause the highly contagious disease, are known as Scabies. The mites dig holes into the human skin and cause a reaction that leads to an intense itching in the affected area. The female bugs lay eggs and escalate infestation. Being a communicable skin disorder, it propagates from […]

Not only the adults, even children nowadays are becoming more prone to skin disorders. One of them is acrodermatitis, which includes the growth of skin abrasions. It can appear on any part of their body like back, upper chest, arms, back or thighs, and it becomes severe while sweating. Known as the Grover’s disease, Acrodermatitis […]