All you need to learn about healing your skin after scabies…

All you need to learn about healing your skin after scabies…

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Scabies episode can be mentally harassing. Recovering from scabies can take months and all the scratching, itching and the eggs under the skin usually spoil the skin to a great degree over this period. When you have managed to defeat the mites and won the war against scabies, it becomes important for you to start taking extra care of the skin. You need to pamper the skin back to glory and texture it was before the threatening scabies bout.

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When you’ve cured scabies and defeated the mites, you must learn to heal your skin back to its lost glory. There are generally three main ways that lead to good skin health after scabies. We will be discussing all of these below so that you can choose and carry out the process that suits your type.

  • Healing the skin with direct treatment

When your skin is trying to heal, there are a few thing like hot water, soaps etc. that can work as irritants to the skin. It is important then to avoid being too much in water and bathing in hot water. While too much water contact can drain the internally produced nourishment of the skin, hot shower can dry the skin and make it feel itchy again. Also it’s important not to use synthetic soaps. If at all you’re using soap for bathing, ensure it is herbal.

Instead of the abovementioned don’ts what you can do is, bathe with cold water. Cold water can be soothing to the skin and can help it remain hydrated. Apply coconut oil to the body after bathing. Coconut oil is good for the skin and helps in post scabies relief.

Epsom salt (Magnesium-Sulphate) bath is can be both relaxing and nourishing for the skin. Epsom salt can provide nutrients to the skin and help soften in while removing contaminants from it.

  • Healing the skin by maintaining a good nutritious diet

Eating right and nutritious is a good way to heal the skin. Skin’s glow and health is directly related to what we consume. It is therefore important to go on a nutritious diet post recovering from scabies.

At this point it is important to include seafood, meat, vegetables and plants and animal fats in your diet. Also consume Gelatin, Colostrum and Collagens in the diet. Gelatin is good at simulating the immune system and regulating hormones. Colostrum is clinically proven to restore gastro-intestinal tract, which makes is good for the immune system. Collagens help in reducing joint pain and inflammation. Addition Collagens can rejuvenate skin tone and improve muscle strength.

  • Healing skin with supplements

Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, Vitamin K2 and Vitamin A are very important for skin health. If you cannot increase their intake through foods, it is advisable to take these as supplements to accelerate skin health and recovery. In addition to benefiting the skin, the abovementioned compounds are also healthy for the body. The supplements can be consumed without the issue of any side effects. 

Either of the abovementioned methods can be employed to help the skin heal faster than it would do normally after a scabies episode. With these tips, you will heal well and will have so many things to tell people recovering from scabies bites.

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."