Can Rainy Days Really Get You Down?

Can Rainy Days Really Get You Down?

Have you ever noticed that your mood also drops as the rain drops from the sky? Of course, the Carpenters sang, “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” So, is it really that rains really ruin your mood?

Although, the tip-tap of rain drops on the rooftop and the pleasing smell of earth are enough to make you cozy up with your favorite book and a cup of tea. Sadly, these are all the non-profit beckons! On rainy days, it is difficult to stay active and continue the work. Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy rains like Sundays and hence working is unavoidable.

For your convenience, here are a few tips that can help you stay motivated even on rainy days. Have a look.

GO Colorful

Try to be colorful during rainy season. For instance, adding graceful and lively color to your work space on days can make you feel good. You can also wear bright clothing at work or a classic yellow rain coat. In addition, wearing some statement accessories like a bright necklace or bright tie can also make your mood. Bring in bright beautiful flowers to work. If rainy days get you down, beautiful colors around you can help keep a cheery demeanor.

Just Bust a Move

What about going out and taking a walk in between the rain shower? All that freshness will do wonders for you’ it’ll help you invigorate your senses and retune your mind in a short while. Not only this, you’ll be full with new and creative ideas. Get your rain boots to work and go ahead to find a puddle to jump in. It’d really be fun! To increase the excitement, you can also get your colleagues together and have a one song dance party. Isn’t that amazing? Even students preparing for exams can opt for this when losing their focus so as to feel a little refreshed. A short and sweet to energize your cells and mind!

A Place in the Sun

Getting much natural sunlight on rainy days is quite difficult, however you can create one of your our own. Bring in some flame-less candles or light some candles at home or even at work. This will help you feel warm and cozy on a dull and boring day. It can also help you focus on the task or your work that needs to be completed by making your work space more comfortable and attractive.

Get Yourself Together

Simply, get arranged. Make a list of what all you need to get accomplished the day and prioritize your work. Put strict time limits on the tasks but make sure to include sometime in the list for interruptions. Also, spend a few minutes cleaning up your cluttered work space before actually beginning the work. This is important because clutter around you can jumble your ideas and drain your motivation. Tidying up will allow free flow of thoughts and you will be surprised how swiftly your scheduler dwindles.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

If you feel depressed about the rain, don’t panic! Don’t lose heart and plan to do something and active when the clouds part. For instance, go to a museum, take a sea or lakeside view, take a hike, go out of the town with friends, etc., Whatever you enjoy doing, make the plans to go out and do it!

If after doing these things, you still feel gloomy or the depression lasts for several days, seek the advice of a doctor. Longer depression can be a serious concern. If you think you might be suffering from it, your doctor is your best source for answers and can help you to feel better.

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