Can Scabies Come Back 1 Day After Using Permethrin Cream?

Permethrin is similar to a synthetic pyrethoid and can be classified as a neurotoxin. This is the reason why it is known to cause several side effects. Next time anyone tells you that permethrin treats scabies in a single application, ask them to reconsider.

The side effects or symptoms of Permethrin might include an elevation in the temperature of the body, increase in aggressiveness, learning disruptions to name a few. It has actually been found that permethrin is very toxic when used on children. In other words when you decide to use a permethrin based treatment for Scabies, think twice.

1. Permethrin For Treatment Of Scabies

Patients are often misinformed that by applying a permethrin based cream once they would be able to get rid of Scabies. The patient might get relief for a few hours or a day or so, but expect the mites to come back with a vengeance.

2. Permethrin Is A Carcinogen

The agency for Environment Protection in US has classified permethrin as a carcinogen. It has been known to cause cancer, tumors in the lungs and in the liver. It has been known to lower the immunity of a patient and also causes aberrations in the chromosomes in some cases.

The side effects of permethrin can range from stomach ache and vomiting and be more severe and to cause problems with breathing, and trouble the functioning of the liver and lungs.

3. Look For A Safer Alternative

Would you really want to expose your family to such a poison, is a choice that you have to make. Look for a safer alternative that has no side effects. Dr. Scabies is an over the counter scabicide. It promises to get you rid of the infection and eradicate any chances of a re-infestation.

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