Check Out The Causes Of Itchy Skin Without Rash

Itching skin or pruritus can be brought on by any number of conditions. In most cases, a small area of your skin will get to be distinctly irritated for a brief time period; however, at times a wide area of your skin can get to be distinctly affected by this itching.

Check Out The Causes Of Itchy Skin Without Rash

There are conditions that can cause, from gentle to genuine, the skin to wind up distinctly bothersome without building up a rash; however, both home remedies and medical treatments can help relieve the condition.

Causes of Itchy Skin without Rash

Allergic Reactions

Chemicals, fleece, cleanser and different substances can bring about the skin to end up distinctly bothered and irritated. In some cases, an allergic reaction to foods, makeup or poison ivy can cause the body to create itching on the skin.


Reactions to antibiotic, narcotic pain treatments or antifungal drugs can cause rashes or prevalent itching.

Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a condition that prompts to harm of the kidneys, generally from hypertension or diabetes, prompting to the kidneys to quit working legitimately. As the kidneys quit working appropriately the body will create acidosis where the blood turns out to be progressively acidic.

Kidney failure is known to bring about itching on the skin that is not accompanied by a rash. You may even experience diminished safe capacity, exhaustion, shortcoming, an expanded need to urinate, seizures and disarray.

Cholestasis during Pregnancy

Cholestasis is an ailment of the liver that may create in the later phases of pregnancy. As this condition creates bile spill out of the gallbladder to the kidneys is adjusted by the hormones discharged during pregnancy.

This will bring about an excess of bile acid in the liver, which will then begin moving into the blood circulation system, creating itching over the body yet no going with rash. This itching is regularly the most extreme in the hands and feet.


Lymphoma is a disease that creates in the lymphatic system and moves into the blood. This can create as non-Hodgkin lymphoma and Hodgkin lymphoma, yet around 12 percent of those that create lymphoma have Hodgkin lymphoma.

This type of disease will bring about the skin to wind up distinctly bothersome without a rash, weight reduction, fever, swollen lymph hubs and weakness.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is a standout amongst the most well-known reasons for across the pervasive itching without the presence of a rash. This condition, known as xerosis, is not serious, but rather it can make you awkward.

When the skin gets to be distinctly dry the cells will wither and make wrinkles and scarcely discernible differences. It might feel rigid and extended or seem contracted. You may see scaling, chipping or peeling though mild to extreme itching on the skin.


Scabies is caused by parasites burrowing into tshe skin, driving the skin influenced by this disease to wind up distinctly irritated. The irritation related to this condition is frequently the most extreme during the evening.

Scabies are profoundly infectious and regularly spread among people when materials, for example, towels, bedding or apparel are shared.

To know more about home remedies for itchy skin with no rash, stay tuned to our next post.

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