Cocoa Butter Benefits and Uses

Do you wanna have a gorgeous skin, glossy hair, and a healthy heart? If yes, then how about picking up a cocoa butter for yourself?

Perfect moisturizer, beauty product, hair conditioner- these are the benefits that you can get from cocoa butter. The cocoa butter is in use from years and centuries in the form of creams, lotions, and other beauty products. Whether you know or not, you are even eating cocoa butter, which is natural melt able oil, taken out of cocoa bean. It is considered as the best for your skin, with no side-effects at all.

Cocoa Butter Benefits and Uses

One can get myriad benefits when it comes to cocoa butter. But, before that one must get familiar of what exactly cocoa butter is, how it can be beneficial and useful for skin, hair and health!

What Do You Mean by Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa butter is a kind of vegetable that is rich in fat. It is taken out from cocoa beans, which is rich in flavor and aroma. It is not poisonous and highly rich in calories containing theobroma oil. It is highly stable as compare to other fats. With the usage of cocoa butter, one gets a shelf life from 2-5 years.

Cocoa butter is incredible for actually recuperating dry and touchy skin. The Real cocoa butter is totally palatable and has a weak taste. It smells like dim and dark chocolate. Likewise, it is utilized all the time as a part of skin creams, lip shines/glosses, chap sticks and other beauty treatments.

Let’s have a close view on the benefits and uses of cocoa butter…

An awesome antioxidant source…

It helps in moisturizing your skin as it’s a great antioxidant source. Number of products that are coming in market these days are- creams, lotions, oils, lip glosses, and so on. It’s an anti-aging cream that makes your skin free from marks and wrinkles. Apart from applying beauty products, you can even eat cocoa butter in your meals. But, it depends on your comfort, what you like because cocoa butter is rich in calories.

Perfect Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin…

When it comes to selecting an excellent moisturizer, Cocoa butter is considered as one of the best. It is best for skin concerns like, Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis and other skin irritations. It is the best antioxidant that heals your skin in a natural way. Soaked fats are advantageous for dry skin, cracked skin because they’re easily absorbed and remain on the skin for hours making it softer and plain skin.

Softens The Lips…

Make your lips baby soft with cocoa butter. You can get number of lip gloss or lip balms enriched with cocoa butter. One can even try ‘DIY’ for making lip balms by adding flavor like vanilla, grapefruit, or orange to the butter. It is just perfect for a flimsy skin. Even if your lips remains dry, get tear from inside; it works as a healing balm for your lips.

Beautiful, Shiny Hair…

Cocoa butter has ample number of benefits when it comes to hair. By using the cocoa butter before wash, plays a role of hair mask. All you need is to apply the butter, massage for 5 minutes, then keep it for 10-15 minutes. After that, you can wash to get smooth, silky and shiny hair. Also, it can be used as a conditioner, i.e., after shampoo. But, use in small amount on roots so that your hair doesn’t get oily. Apart from this, by doing this once or twice in a week, you’ll get a moisturized hair, damaged-free hair, prevention from hair-loss.

Improves your heart health…

According to the researches done by our scientists or researchers, plant-derived saturated fat lessens the risk of cardiovascular diseases. There is a component known as polyphenolic, found in cocoa butter, is considered as an anti-inflammatory food. It reduces the metabolism, risk of heart attacks, and other heart diseases as well. Dark chocolates rich with cocoa are considered to be good for heart.

Also, it improves the immune system of your body, lessens the inflammation, reduces the scars and blemishes of your face, increase the volume of your hair, and so on. Also, it reduces the stretch marks that you get after pregnancy.

Thus, Cocoa Butter is the only source which is used to make chocolates that looks tempting, mouth-melting, and silky feel. It not only radiant your skin or hair, but do reduces the health risks as well!

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