Crusted Sores On The Hands? Do I Have Scabies?

Crusted Sores on the hands, are in all probability indicators of a severe case of Crusted scabies. Get it examined by a doctor at the earliest in order to begin with the right treatment at the right time.

Article Body: Scabies that goes untreated for a very long period of time gets converted into an extreme form known as Crusted or Norwegian Scabies. It is normally seen in patients living in very poor living conditions with very limited access to medical facilities.

1. The Crusted Scabies

A very heavy infestation of Scabies is called Crusted scabies. In a normal patient the maximum number of mites at one time will be ten or a few more. But in the crusted scabies the number of mites at one time can be in hundreds.

2. Crust on the Skin

When scabies goes untreated or becomes out of control a crust is seen on the surface of the skin that houses thousands of mites. These crusts are very thick, look severe and are hyperkeratotic. They can be seen in any part of the body.

4. The Scabies Mites

The infestation might have personified a bigger proportion, but the mite is the same in both stages of the infection. The proportion of the infection actually depends on the immunity of the host. People who develop crusted scabies have low immunity and are often elderly or children.

5. Get treatment

The only way to handle this situation is by going for a natural and trusted treatment like Dr. Scabies that promises to eradicate the infection and all its infestations.

It has an all natural formula, which is sulphur based and therefore is safe to use and has no side effects.

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