Diabetes and Its Causes

Diabetes and Its Causes

Diabetes is a common disease these days. And the saddest part is that it is a life-long health condition. Well, if you are not suffering from diabetes, you are lucky enough. But even then you need to know a lot about it. Here is a short guide to help you know more about diabetes and its causes. Read on.

You are known to the popular disease diabetes, isn’t it! But do you know that “WHO projects that diabetes will be the 7th leading cause of death in 2030”? Yes, the exponential rise in the number of diabetic patients is the cause behind this projection.

Will you believe, back in 2012 this disorder was the direct cause of 1.5 million deaths! It is shocking, but true. And what more surprising is that a big ratio, suffering from the condition is not aware of it. This seriously led to greater problems. Hence, firstly it is important to know a little about diabetes and then its causes. Find out some important and helpful information here:

What is diabetes?

Basically, it is a complex group of diseases which occurs due to various reasons. Often people suffering from diabetes have high blood glucose, or better called high blood sugar. It is said to be a disorder of metabolism, i.e. the way how body uses digested food for energy.

Human digestive tract breaks down carbohydrates present in food you consume. Sugars and starches are the major components of many foods. Now it is the hormone insulin, which helps the cells throughout the body to absorb glucose and use it for energy. However, when your body is incapable to produce enough insulin or due to any reason, it is not able to use insulin effectively, your body becomes suspected to diabetes.

Here it is important to understand that glucose is vital to your health. It is highly required source of energy for the body to make up muscles and tissues. Along this, it is a main source of fuel for your brain. Chronic conditions are basically divided into two categories, i.e. diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. Other types include the pre-diabetes, which is potentially reversible diabetes conditions, i.e. when the blood sugar level is higher than normal. But it is not that high to be classified as diabetes. And, yes gestational diabetes, occurring in the pregnancy time it resolves after the baby is delivered.

Let’s explore their causes in detail.

Diabetes Type 1 Causes:

Although, the exact reason is still unknown, yet it is said that the immune system, which fight back those harmful bacteria or viruses destroys the insulin producing cells. This process leads to reduction of insulin in human body and instead of being transported into the cells, sugar starts flowing with your bloodstream. Generally, it is known to be caused due to a blend of genetic susceptibility and environmental factors. But there is no exact reason or facts to prove this.

Diabetes Type 2 Causes:

Often related to pre-diabetes, which further leads to diabetes type 2, makes your cells resistant to the action of insulin. The reason being your pancreas is unable to produce sufficient insulin and therefore, it moves into in your bloodstream, rather than your cells where it’s needed for energy. Besides, the genetic factor, environmental factors also play a vital role in the development of type 2 diabetes. Another common reason is being overweight. Obesity is strongly linked with the development of diabetes type 2. But, it is not necessary that everyone with type 2 is overweight.

Gestational diabetes causes:

As stated earlier, it occurs during pregnancy. The reason being, the placenta in women body produces hormones to sustain their pregnancy and these hormones then make body cells more resistant to insulin.

Well, in number of cases the pancreas produces extra insulin, which is enough to overcome this resistance. However, sometimes the pancreas can’t keep up. The consequences that little glucose gets into your cells and more stays in the blood, leading to gestational diabetes!

Hence, if you have diabetes, whatever type it is, you need to work on it. Too much glucose is not good and can lead to serious health problems.

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