Do You Have To Be Dirty To Get Scabies? Is it a Hygiene Issue?

Scabies is a highly contagious skin disease that is caused by a mite. You might be particular about taking a bath daily and keeping your home clean, but it will take one personal contact with an infected person for you to catch the mites.

Let’s read more about the Scabies infection –

1. How Do The Mites Work?

Once Scabies mites infect you, the symptoms will show in four to six weeks in the form of pin pricks. Soon you will feel that something is crawling under your skin and feel an intense itching. This itching will intensify during the night time, when the body gets more warmth.

2. The Burrows

On the surface of the skin you will see S-shaped or zigzag formations, which is actually the mites burrowing under the skin. You may also see a pimple like red rash. Most victims’ report of intense itching that worsens during the night.

3. Keeping the House Clean

Victims that contract the infection should ensure that they keep personal belongings and the bed of the infected person absolutely clean. This will ensure that the chances of re-infestation are very low and will also protect other family members from getting the infection. Apart from clothes and bedding, make sure to also disinfect furniture and upholstery used by them. 

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