Feel itchy over my skin, can it lead to Scabies?

If you are having rashes that are red or scaly and is even causing irritation to you, then it’s the time for you to see the doctor. Don’t ignore these itchy skin patches because it cannot just be minor skin allergy but could be something more.

What are the possibilities of an itchy skin?

Dry skin

If your skin has totally lost its capability to grease itself then it can become dry and result into an itchy skin. So, in this case you need not worry much. Just hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer and you will get back the glow of your skin.

Flea bites

Your skin could be itchy because of the flea bites as well. If you have a cat in home you can get affected by cat flea or even if you don’t have a cat then also you can be a victim as they can survive in carpet till 1 year. It’s good to keep yourself covered properly to avoid getting affected by the flea bites.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are insects that can stay hidden in cracks such as wallpaper and your bed of course. They usually come out during the night to feed them and can leave your skin itchy and reddish. So, this is another possibility of an itchy skin.  To avoid getting infected by bed bugs, vacuum your mattress frequently and also wash your linens in extreme hot water.


This is the most ignored reason that can cause itching and it is now widespread among people. If someone is experiencing extreme itch over the armpits, hands, genitals and any area then it is very likely that the person has been infested with scabies.

It is a contagious disease causes by the scabies mites that live in the tunnel in the skin. They can survive here for several days and even lay eggs for further growth.

This causes extreme itching and scratching especially during the night. It is transferred by skin to skin contact with a person infested with it. You should immediately run to the doctor and start the treatment right away.


If you have just recovered from shingles then it might take you few weeks to completely get over the itch. Consult your doctor in such a case, otherwise it can even last for months.

Your skin itches on and off

This can be sign of urticaria which is an outcome of an allergy. This will lead to itchy patches on your skin but they don’t remain for a continuous period of time.

Itching is worse at night 

Although scabies itch also worsens at night but Psoriasis is another skin condition that makes your skin itch badly at night. It results into patchy skin and can even make your skin look dull and pale. Eczema is also a skin condition that bothers you during night.

Sensitive skin

The itch can also be caused because of some metals or chemicals that don’t suit to your skin. Nickel is one of the metals that are found to cause itching in many people sensitive to it.  Sometimes, particular chemicals from plants also result into skin itch for people who have a real sensitive skin.

In case of women, itch can be caused due to improper waxing or usage of hot wax. Sometimes, the cosmetics used like the deodorants can even result into itchy skin.

Itchy pet

If your dog is suffering from scabies or has any other skin infection, it can obviously cause irritation to you. In this case, get your dog treated from a good veterinary doctor.

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