General Guide to Scabies Itch- Don’t let it inhibit your lifestyle!

Being invasion of the skin by microscopic itch mites, scabies is said to be a highly contagious disease. While these mites live on the surface of the skin, it is their presence which leads to intense itching. It is often a big task for the infested person to fight with the itch sensation. Are you dealing with same? Here’s something useful; read on.

When it comes to the most contagious skin infections, scabies is certainly the one to be in the hit list. Generally known as the 'human itch', it is found across the world regardless of age, gender, color, etc.  Yes, whether you are young or old, male or female, scabies itch can attack anyone and anywhere. Now you might be wondering,

How it turns out to be highly contagious?

To understand this, first you need to know about the mode of transmission. You can categorize them into two modes;

  • Direct Transmission: This occurs when a healthy person comes into direct contact with an already scabies infested person. It can be due to a prolonged handshake, sitting close together, sleeping together, and so on.
  • Indirect Transmission: This mode is a lesser known one. Actually, the mites cannot jump or fly. However, it is worth noticing that these can survive off their host for 4 to 7 days easily. Therefore, these bugs can make their existence anywhere, including the stuff used by a diseased. For example, his towel, attires, toilet seat, cushions, beddings, chairs, etc. Now when someone else comes into contact with any of these, mites can transfer to their body easily.   

How to get rid of scabies itching?

It is highly recommended to start with the cure as soon as possible. For this you can count on Dr. Scabies. The best thing about this anti- scabies solution is that it doesn’t carry permethrin. Yes, it will be safe always and you can buy it over the counter. Carrying sulfur and essential oils, Dr. Scabies is soft on skin and harsh on mites. Actually, it works by suffocating the mites beneath the skin surface. Hence, it will not only ease itching, but also help get rid of the mites and their eggs completely.

Besides, there are some natural ways to reduce the itching effects, which you will get to read in the next post. These are effective, but for efficient and quick results, you need expert solution like Dr. Scabies.

Lastly, avoid crowded places!

It is often said to avoid crowded places to prevent scabies. Reason is quite know to you now; places like crowded hospitals, cinemas, theatre halls, and similar other places can be the breeding grounds for such scabies-causing mites. Prevention is better than cure.

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."