Get rid of itchy, red bedbug bites with a proper treatment

The small oval-shaped insects that feed on human blood are known as bed bugs. These wing-less insects hide in the dark places andcrawl into the human’s skinwhen they fall asleep. Scientifically known as Cimex lectularius, they only need human or animal blood to survive.Recognizing bed bugs is easy, they have flat bodies that is equal to the size of an apple’s seed. After sucking blood from the body, they appear red in color and their bodies swell.

Get rid of itchy, red bedbug bites with a proper treatment

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Although, these insects can’t fly, but they can crawl quickly on the floor, ceiling oron yourbed.They can live anywhere in your home; under the bed, in cracked furniture or in any type of textile. These bugs are active at night and bite the exposed area of your skin. The common places where bedbugs can bite are face, nose, cheeks, neck, hands, feet and legs.

Bedbug bite symptoms

Many people don’t experience any reaction as their bodies develop a good immune system against bedbug bites. Other may feel or experience itching and red-colored bump in the area or bites in the line or in a grouped area. Blisters and hives in the bite site are also common. These symptoms don’t appear immediately after bite, they may takea few days to show symptoms. In some cases, it may take few weeks to noticethe bite of bedbugs.

Bedbug bite are itchy and can causeburning sensations on the skin. Continuously scratching and touching the bitten site leads to infection,swelling or bleeding.

Proper treatment for bedbug bite

The common reaction of bug bite is itching, but if your infestation turns into an infection, it’s time to see adoctor. Only 30% of people complain about this symptom. It will lead to seriousconsequences likeskin infection, allergic reaction and many blisters on the skin.

For allergic reaction

If you are suffering from an allergic reaction, you may require an injection like antihistamine, corticosteroid, or epinephrine. But always consult your doctor before injecting these medications.

For infection

For infection, you will need an antibiotic. If it is mild, then an antiseptic medication is enough, which you can buy without any prescription. You can also see a dermatologist if you have any doubt.

For itch

Itching is common in some people after bugbite. You can apply numbing cream on the affected area or use anti-bacterial cream. If the itching is not reduced, you can go to a dermatologist, who can suggest the best treatment for it.

How to get rid of bedbugs

If you want to get rid of them, you have to clean up your home. Clean every single area of your place including beddings, curtain, clothes, sofas, closets, store room, etc.

  • Use a stiff brush, if you are cleaning your mattress. Wash your bedsheets,blankets and curtain in hotwater.
  • Frequently vacuum your home; and after vacuuming, use a plastic bag and place it in outdoorgarbage bag.
  • Repair the cracks of your furniture and floor. Glue up the wallpapers of the walls so that bedbugs cannot hide there.
  • If your mattress get infested, get a new one as soon as possible.

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."