Got wrinkles? Try these natural home remedies

Got wrinkles? Try these natural home remedies

Every one of us desires for a perfect skin free from wrinkles, fine lines, acne, blemishes etc. But the fact is all these imperfections are a result of aging, and environmental factors which are beyond our control.

Fortunately, we have natural ingredients that can help us to fight wrinkles and reduce their affect on our skin. The following blog is about natural home remedies to treat wrinkles.

The following points are about natural and home based remedies which will help you to deal with wrinkles without causing any side-effects.

Olive oil- Rich in vitamins and fatty acids

It is one of the best natural remedies for wrinkles in the skin. Olive oil is known for its rich content of vitamins and fatty acids. You can massage your skin with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil to re-hydrate the skin. It gets quickly absorbed in the epidermis so you can apply it anytime.

Egg whites- Full of potassium, magnesium and proteins

Egg whites contain potassium, magnesium, proteins and riboflavin in high amounts. It helps to moisturize your skin, repair tissues, tighten the skin and even shrink the wide open pores

Bananas- Contain potassium, Vitamins B, C and E

This is like a ready to use skin care remedy. All you have to do is to mash a banana till it turns into paste form. Applying it for 15 minutes is fair enough to nourish your skin with its effects.

Bananas contain high amount of skin conditioning ingredients-potassium, Vitamins B, C and E. All of them work as natural moisturizers for the skin and also provide skin nourishment by boosting the collagen production.

Aloe Vera-Anti-inflammatory

Aloe Vera is the natural antidote to a large number of problems and when it comes to skin it really does wonders. Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory and possess excellent healing properties.

You can apply the aloe Vera juice over your face by squeezing out it from a fresh leaf. Using aloe Vera can cure damaged skin, restore its elasticity and reduce the wrinkles.

Coconut oil- Rich in antioxidants

Coconut oil has an emollient which helps to make your skin soft and also fade away the fine lines and wrinkles. Being rich in antioxidants it will help your skin to recover from damage caused by free radicals.

You can apply few drops of coconut oil into your skin before going to bed every night.

Fenugreek- Contain Vitamin B3 and Niacin

Fenugreek is known for its medicinal properties and has been used for reducing signs of aging since centuries.

Fenugreek contains Vitamin B3 and niacin which promotes cell generation and skin rejuvenation.

Honey- Antioxidant and Antibacterial

Honey is another wonderful natural remedy that can help in exfoliation, skin hydration and also help to restore skin’s elasticity. Apply a teaspoon of organic natural honey on your face and neck every night.

You can gently massage it over your skin and then let it remain on your skin for next ten minutes. Rinse your skin with warm water.

Avocados- loaded with selenium, potassium, folate

Avocado contains selenium, potassium, folate and carotene which help in regeneration of skin cells and also enhance skin’s elasticity. This can work as a rejuvenating skin mask for your wrinkled skin.

Apply a mashed avocado on your face and leave it for about ten minutes.

Lemon juice and honey dab- Reduce wrinkles

This is an effective face mask for quick results. It can lead into skin tightening and reduce appearance of wrinkles. Honey works as natural moisturizer and lemon helps to increase production of collagen. You can apply a mixture of lemon juice and raw honey on your face for ten minutes.

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