Hives or Scabies- Learn the Difference!

Nowadays you need to be very careful for your skin. There are several conditions which are a result of number of common factors, but they need to be treated differently. Hives and scabies are often confused due to their almost similar symptoms. Let’s find out the difference between two.

Those red rashes appearing on your skin defines hives or scabies? Well if you are in such dilemma, then you are not all alone. Yes, there are many others who are confused between these two. Not a problem. Here is something which will help you make a clear difference. Read on.

Difference in the Causes:

There is a huge difference between the causes of both skin ailments.


This infectious condition is said to be caused by a parasite, which is also called the ‘itch mite’ and is invisible to the naked eye. Basically, it makes a burrow to enter the epidermis layer of human skin. This bug lives on their host, feed and also reproduce in human body. It lays eggs beneath the skin surface, which will hatch in few days and grows into adult mites, spreading the infestation. The worst part about this skin disorder is that it spreads widely. Yes, anyone coming into direct contact with the infected individuals will also get infested.


It is often defined as an exaggerated response of the body’s immunity towards harmless agents such as animal dander, any coloring agent, pollen, dust mite, insect bites, or even food stuff like shellfish and peanuts. Also termed as uticaria, it is a kind of a seasonal allergy that happens at a particular time every year. It believed to be due to the pollen from trees and grass in the air.

The occupational allergies can be due to particular substances in the work place. Exposure to extreme heat or cold and sometimes stress can also be the reason behind hives.

Difference in the symptoms:

After the causes, the varying symptoms of the two skin problems can help you identify. Have a look:


As far as symptoms of scabies are concerned, there is a long list of signs. These are severe and need to recognize as soon as possible. The first and major symptom is the itching. It can occur several days after the mites entered your body and it tends to be severe at night. Other common symptoms are red rashes, burrows, scratches, blisters, etc. You also need to not here that the skin lesions are red, and might get confused with insect bite. Be careful and check for the folds of skin such as armpits, webs of fingers and toes, because these signs appear first in such location.


The symptoms are less severe than scabies. In this case, you can expect skin rash in pale red color. These might become raised and extremely itchy. Other sign of hive is that it may cause burning or stinging sensation. Also, a runny nose and sneezing can be the signs for allergy.

Difference in Tests:

If it is about scabies, there are two tests performed by the experts. Although you can learn from the symptoms like itching, burrows, etc., yet visiting a doctor will assure you about the problem. You can take scraping test or the option is to take ink test to detect scabies.

However, in case of hives, the problem is bit difficult because it is difficult to identify the cause. Generally, allergy testing is recommended to find out the cause. But, it is not defined whether the results will be useful of not.

Difference in Treatment:

Last but not the least, comes the difference in treatment. When the problem is different, you need a unique solution for each. For the contagious skin disease, scabies, it is highly important to take care of you home, i.e. you need to maintain the hygiene, keep you surrounding germ free, wash all clothes, towels, curtains, bedding, etc. separately in warm water. Also you need to keep personal items separate. But what more important is choosing a solution which helps in treating the problem from roots. You need a natural and safe solution like Dr. Scabies.

On the other hand, treatment of hives can be done majorly by avoiding contact with the causative agent. Also make sure you stop using strong soaps, detergents, and all other items composed of harmful chemicals. Anti-histaminic tablet, but after contacting your doctor!

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