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Eczema is a common dermal issue today that can occur to anybody, especially children. The “itch-scratch cycle” is about as nasty as they come. It brings a lot of unbearable discomfort, as those suffering with eczema know well. Besides taking proper medication, take a look at these natural remedies to ward off the itchy cycle quickly.


Atopic dermatitis is a skin inflammation. Also known as Eczema in which varying skin conditions result in inflamed and discolored skin. Usually, the skin turns red, dry, swollen, and sometimes gets blistered or crusted.

Eczema’s technical name is atopic eczema. Every year about 30 million Americans get affected by this skin condition. According to TheEczemaSpot.com, about 20% of babies in the US develop eczema and some outgrow it by the age of 10.

What causes Eczema?

Although, the exact causes of eczema are not known, but it is associated to an overactive response produced by the body’s immune system to some irritant. It is developed due to the combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Children are prone to develop eczema if a parent has had it. In case, both the parents are affected, the chances increase further.

The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) state that over half of children affected by atopic dermatitis are likely to develop one of the other atopic diseases.

Many doctors link the causes of eczema to allergic disease, like hay fever or asthma. This is medically known as the ‘atopic triad’. About 80% of the children with eczema develop hay fever and/or asthma.

Some Environmental factors that triggers eczema include –

  • Irritants: soaps, detergents, disinfectants, fresh fruits juices, meat or vegetables
  • Allergens: dust mites, pets, pollens, mold
  • Microbes: bacteria such as Staphylococcusaureus, viruses, and some fungi
  • Hot and cold temperatures: hot weather, col weather, high and low humidity, sweat from exercise
  • Foods: dairy products, eggs, nuts and seeds, soy products, wheat
  • Hormones: Changes in the hormones level in women can worsen eczema symptoms.

Treatment for Eczema

There is no overall treatment for eczema. Clinicians usually suggest a plan of treatment that depends on a patient’s age, symptoms and present health condition. This is because for some people, eczema goes away over time and for others it remains a lifelong condition.

However, if you implement these natural remedies, you’ll see the difference as the healing process starts to take over. These remedies will help you alleviate your eczema. Have a look.

    Healthy Diet & Nutrition

No matter what ailment you have, the key to our well-being is undoubtedly a healthy diet & proper nutrition. A healthy diet helps strengthen our immune. When it comes to eczema, some people may be able to eradicate eczema all together by giving their body the nutrients it needs to fight against the inflammation and sickness.

Healthy Diet & Nutrition

    Take a rainbow diet daily. Eat raw food, with more of whole and organic foods. Avoid processed foods, caffeine, milk products, meat, sugar and alcohol.

    For safety, get food allergen testing done to check if there’s anything else you should avoid as some fruits or vegetables could also act as a culprit. 

    Drink at least 64 ounces of water every day. It helps you release toxins and infection from your body.

    Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one such thing that should be in the list of necessities, wherever you go. It can be used for skin, hair, health, soap making at home, but it is also great for eczema.

Use Coconut Oil

  • Make sure to eat and use organic, extra virgin coconut oil for cooking! Avoid using vegetable oil, peanut oil, etc. as all these oils are man-made that manipulates the oil into trans-fat. This trans-fat causes various health related issues in us. 
  • Pure Coconut oil contains Lauric acid (a rare type of fat found only in coconut oil and mother’s breast milk). When we intake coconut oil with food, our bodies convert this Lauric acid into a compound, ‘Monolaurin’, that is highly toxic to various microorganisms.
  • It also moisturizes the skin by penetrating deep and protects it from environmental and free radical damage.

    Magnesium Baths

Soaking in water for some people with eczema makes it worse. But, for those who can tolerate it, magnesium baths can be helpful in skin healing.

For this, you can use magnesium flakes and a few tablespoons of Himalayan salt to your baths. If you cannot take bath, magnesium oil can also help.

Magnesium Baths

    Aloe Vera and Vitamin E: Using pure Aloe Vera is one of the most effective skin soothers in nature. Like coconut oil, aloe vera gel can be used for various health issues. 

Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

  • It hydrates our dry and rough skin making it clean and hydrated. 

  • Vitamin E’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can also help eradicate eczema when applied topically.


Besides these natural treatments, all those who are affected by Eczema should avoid stress. Or else it’ll get tough to get it cured!

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