How to get rid of dark spots caused by scabies!

Scabies is a very annoying skin condition that’s caused by an itch mite. Besides extreme itching, it often leads to scarring due to blisters and nodules. For those who have recently got scabies or received a recent treatment for this skin disease, may be worried about the dark spots or ugly scars on the skin.

How to get rid of dark spots caused by scabies!

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Scabies doesn’t always leave scars and even if there’s scarring, it will go away with time. However, in some severe cases, it may get worse and takes months to go away. Now, the question arises that why do these scars remain on the body of few individuals, while others don’t have to face the bad scars?

Cause of scarring in people with scabies

It’s obvious that the scabies mites are the reason behind scars, but that’s not the main culprit. Generally, scars occur when people scratch their irritated area too much. Due to excessive scratching, the skin breaks. Furthermore, sores can develop onto the broken skin and finally, these bruises may leave scars, only when you continue to scratch the skin. The broken skin may also lead to secondary bacterial infections, which also increase the risk of scarring. But the sad part is that the itch mite causes extreme urge for itching and it’s really very tough to resist yourself from scratching your skin.

Some tips to reduce itching

The itching that accompanies scabies is due to an allergic reaction to the mites burrowing beneath your skin. This allergic skin reaction can continue for up to several weeks even after you receive treatment to kill the mites.

Here’s what you may do to reduce itching:

  • Take a cool bath or shower before bed. This is because the itching is often at its worst at night, so a cool bath may help the skin to soothe a little bit.
  • Add baking soda, colloidal oatmeal or tea tree oil to your bathwater.
  • Bathe with sulphur-lavender soap, like that made by Naturasil, to soothe irritated skin.
  • Apply a soothing lotion such as Calamine lotion or Naturasil topical cream after bathing.


Preventing Scabies Scars

The best way to prevent scars is to avoid scratching, no matter how much it itches. Of course, that’s easier said than done. But you may get treatment for scabies as soon as you realize you have the condition. You should also get treatment even if anyone in your household has scabies, or if you’ve had close contact with anyone that has the condition, even if you see no symptoms on you.

Others things to prevent scars:

You may use some natural ingredients like vitamin E oil, tea tree oil, cocoa butter or coconut oil to reduce the scars. But these oils should not be applied to open wounds as these can also increase the risk of infection, which may further increase the chances of scarring.

Usually, Naturasil cream is prescribed for reducing scars. This cream itself contains a lot of natural ingredients like chamomile flower oil and helicrysum flower oil that reduce inflammation. Rosehip seed oil and carrot seed oil regenerate damaged skin. It also contains tea tree oil that ‘s known for its antiseptic properties to prevent further infection. Although this cream has natural ingredients, you must always consult your physician before applying any cream or lotion on your scarring and be very careful even after your complete treatment. It’s better to consult a physician, than applying something that may worsen the scarring.


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