How to keep your feet happy in winters!

Winters ask for special care. Whether it is about your skin complexion, dry skin conditions or dry scalp, you need to put efforts to keep them healthy. While you pay attention to other parts, you often miss out to take care of your feet. They too need your care. Read on to know what all you can do keep them healthy these winters.

With the arrival of winters you start preparing for your skin care. Isn’t it? You bring those moisturizers, night creams and much more for your skin. Also, you start oiling your hair to keep them healthy all through winters. But, wait! Are you forgetting something? Your feet?

Yes, they are a special part just like your face and hair. And thus, need special attention too. A pretty nail polish might offer your feet a beautiful appearance. But it is not enough to go a long way toward making your feet look healthier and younger. With each passing day, the dryness, calluses, and discoloration make them look a little worse. But not anymore!

Try out these simple solutions to protect your feet from the life’s wear and tear.

Select your shoes wisely: As soon as the temperature starts trolling down, you prefer wearing shoes to keep them warm and safe from the winter winds. But are you wearing the right shoes? Some people are on their feet more than others. Especially, those who need to walk for longer distances or need to stand whole day long for their job. In such case, you really need something comfortable and well-fitted. As having a wrong shoe pair can make your feet feel down pretty quickly. Too small or uncomfortable shoes can cause unsightly blisters and corns. So, be careful while buying a new pair.

Soaking: Your feet get rough and dry in winters. For this you need to soak your feet regularly. You will easily get a number of fancy foot baths from market. But a simple bucket of warm water is also enough for a good soak. To this you can add some olive oil or any other essential oil of your choice. For best results, soak your feet for ten to fifteen minutes.

Scrubbing: Once you are done with soaking process, it is time to give them a good scrubbing. You can opt for a good scrub, preferably natural, to smooth rough and dry areas. If you are having lack of time, you can take your feet using a pumice stone to massage the rough areas.

Leave them free: Remember, after whole day long work you need to let your feet breathe freely. Make it a habit to take your shoes off once you get back home. Whole day, the sweat and dirt built up in the shoes during the day hamper your skin quality. Thus, to relieve them wash them with lukewarm water and apply lotion on your feet before and after you wear and remove the socks. Keep them moisturized.

Care for your nails: When it comes to your nail care, the first thing is to remove nail polish. Yes, over time nail paint can really wear down your nails. Thus, after few days or before reapplying a new polish, make sure to remove the old layers carefully. In addition, you must leave your toenails to go polish-free for few hours. Later you can apply a paint coat to helps strengthen your nails.

Secondly, it is important to trim your nails to a suitable length. Definitely, you don’t like that broken and ingrown toenails. Moreover they can prove to be highly painful at times. So, make sure you regularly trim your toenails and don’t cut them too short. Else it would cause discomfort.

Moisturize properly: You desire for baby soft feet, isn’t it? So, you need put efforts and invest in a good foot cream. You can use natural oils too. Remember, for your feet you need a thicker cream. The normal skin cream will not be sufficient. You can go for a cream with Vitamin E or opt for coconut oil massage.

Now, when you have the way out to keep feet beautiful these winters, make sure you start with these from today itself. Love your feet and they will love you back!


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