How To Make Your Home Allergy Proof This Spring?

Indoor allergy triggers like dust and pets aggravate the allergy symptoms. Learn here how to remove such allergy triggers from your living spaces.

Spring is pleasant with beautiful trees, blooming flowers, sunshine, and fresh grass. However, it is not that pleasant for people with allergies.

How To Make Your Home Allergy Proof

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For them, it is the season of sneezing and watery eyes. This is because of the surges in airborne pollen, and so when pollen is on the rise, allergic people are advised to stay inside. It is a sage advice—but only if your home is not an allergy zone. Indoor allergy can be triggered by numerous factors like house dust, mold spores, pollen, fabrics, dust mites, and pets

Therefore, make sure to clean your home in a way to remove such factors of allergy. Here’s how…


This is the most vulnerable place to allergens in your home. The pillows, mattresses, and curtains may be teamed with allergens like dust, pet dangers, and pollens. Here are the tips to make your bedroom allergy-proof.

  • Wash sheets, pillowcases, and blankets at least once a week in water heated to at least 130 F.
  • Use dust-mite-proof covers for beddings.
  • Replace wool or feathered bedding with synthetic materials.
  • Wash the carpets frequently
  • Use washable curtains


  • Use a vented fan to throw out cooking fumes and minimize moisture.
  • Wash dishes daily. Make sure to scrub the sink and faucets well to remove mold and food debris.
  • Clean your refrigerator wiping off moisture to prevent mold growth. Remove stale foods. Clean and replace moldy rubber seals around doors.
  • Use detergent and water to clean cabinets and countertops.
  • Get the leaks fixed.
  • Put garbage in a can with an insect-proof lid. Empty the trash daily.



  • Use an exhaust fan to remove moisture while taking baths.
  • Use washable rugs.
  • Replace wallpaper with tile or mold resistance enamel paint.
  • Use bleach to scrub tub, shower, and faucets.

Entire House…

Control Inside Temperature:

Hot and humid living spaces are the thriving areas for dust mites and mold. Therefore, make sure to maintain the temp between 68 F and 72 F. Humidity shouldn’t be higher than 50 percent. Get filters in HVAC systems cleaned or replaced once a month.

Pest Control:

Opt for exterminator services to remove allergy-triggering insects and their residue. Seal crack and other entryways.


Consider vacuum weekly with a vacuum cleaner that has a small particle or high-efficiency particulate filter.

Minimize Occurrence of Molds:

Keep doors and windows closed during warm weather. Use 5% chlorine bleach to wash contaminated materials like carpeting. Seal the leaks on the roof and ceilings.

Coping with Pets Allergy:

15% of the population is allergic to pets like dogs and cats. Practice these steps to minimize the risk of pet allergies:

  • Keep them out of your bedroom.
  • Bath them once a week.
  • Provide your pet with his or her own bed.
  • Wash your hand immediately when you come into contact with pets.

So this is how you can make your home allergy-proof.

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