How To Manage Your Psoriasis?

Don’t let the relentless itching and inflammation of psoriasis affect your daily life. Here is how you can manage the symptoms.

Having psoriasis means your daily life is troubled by relentless itching. Even worse, your body is dotted with red and raised patches brimming with inflammation. Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease that is not curable. However, you can ease itching and flaring skin easily.

Below is a skincare regimen that promotes healing and lowers the flare-ups.

Psoriasis - How To Manage

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Keep Your Skin Moist:

Make sure to keep your skin moist. Dry skin is more prone to dryness, itching, and redness. All you need to apply the moisturizer that is according to the dryness level of your skin. Choose thick ointment for the extremely dry skin. Always choose a non-scented moisturizer as they are having fewer chemicals than scented one.

Apply the moisturizer after taking bath or shower within 3 minutes. Reapply throughout the day or when you change clothes. It should be used on a severe cold and dry days.

Besides, turn on the humidifier, especially when there are a heat and dryness in the air.

Soothe With Warm Baths:

Taking warm bath is another way to soothe itchy and dry skin. Fill the tub with warm water and soak yourself for 15 minutes. To enhance the healing effect, you can add oil, ground oatmeal, or sea salt to your bath. Make sure to use only warm water and mild soap. Harsh soap can worsen your skin condition. Don’t rub your skin with the towel to dry off, instead pat dry.

Alternatively, you can compress a wet towel or cold pack on the itchy spot.

Soothe it With Sunlight:

Surprisingly, sunlight is an efficient way to heal psoriasis itch. In medical terms, it is known as UV therapy which is recommended by the doctors. Sunlight has been found to slow down the skin cells growth. Even indoor light can do the work.

The ideal time to get sun exposure is two to three times a week. However, you should apply sunscreen as too much sun can aggravate your skin condition and likely to cause skin cancer. Talk to your doctor for more information.

Avoid Taking Stress:

Taking stress can raise body’s inflammation which eventually leads to itching. Therefore, you should avoid taking stress as possible.  Perform yoga, meditation, and deep breathing to achieve calmness. Besides, you can approach consultants or familiar person for seeing support.

Avoid Using Harsh Skincare Products:

Always use gentle and fragrance-free skin care products. Make sure to choose the one which is free from alcohol and certain types of acid. Besides, wear clothes which are gentle on your skin. Avoid woolen clothes as they can irritate your skin with flare-ups.

Don’t Scratch or Pick Your Skin:

Scratching the itchy or raised skin in psoriasis can make the condition even complicated. Scratching not only breaks your skin but also lets the germs from your nails pass on to the exposed skin. You are at the risk of having sores even if your skin doesn’t have it. Therefore, keep your nails short and take an antihistamine if you experience itchiness. Besides, close your eyes, breathe deeply and apply moisturizer to your itchy skin to avoid scratching.

Bottom Line:

So these are the ways to manage your psoriasis. However, you should see your physician in case your condition turns worse or you don’t see any difference with these self-managed methods.

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