How To Manage Your Scabies Itch?

Itch Is The Worst Sign Of Scabies. It Is The Life Disturbing Symptom Which Traumatizes The Patient, Especially At Nights When It Turns Worse.

Even Worse, Scratching The Itchy Part Aggravates Your Skin Condition. By Doing This, You Not Only Damage Your Skin But Also Let The Germs Pass On From The Nails To The Skin.

Scabies Itch


Then, The Itch Seems Uncontrollable With The Increasing Redness And Worsening Blisters On The Skin. Luckily, There Are Many Ways To Control Your Scabies Itch.

Get Your Nails Covered

  • Coat Your Hands And Nails With Essential Oils Like Tea Tree Oil Or Clove Oil When You Have A Strong Urge To Scratch. This Is Because Tea Tree And Clove Oil Have Antibacterial Properties, Killing The Mites And Preventing Them From Reaching Other Areas Of The Body When You Scratch. Another Thing Is That It Will Ease The Friction.
  • You Can Also Wear Gloves Whenever You Have A Desire To Scratch.
  • Keep Your Nails Short.

Take Your Mind Off:

  • Apply Pressure To Another Area To Distract Your Mind From The Itch. For Example, You Can Press Your Skin To Make An X.
  • Snap A Rubber Band On Your Wrist When You Feel The Urge To Scratch.
  • Squeeze A Stress Ball.

Use Home Remedies:

  • Apply Moisturizer
  • Give It A Cold Compress Using A Damp Cloth
  • Take A Cold Shower
  • Apply Aloe Vera
  • Drink Lots Of Water
  • Don’t Use Scented Lotion And Soaps.
  • Don’t Take The Foods That Increase Inflammation Like Red Wine, Aged Cheese, Seafood, Eggs, Spices, Alcohol, Vinegar And Citrus Fruits.
  • Avoid Wearing Clothes Made Of Latex And Wool. Instead, Wear Loose Garments Made Of Breathable Fabrics.

Use OTC Creams:

If It Is Still Challenging For You To Control Scabies Itch, Use OTC Creams Like Permethrin Cream, Lindane Lotion, Crotamiton And Ivermectin. They Are Also Prescribed By A Physician. Dr. Scabies Is A Homeopathic Cream For Scabies And Requires No Prescription. It Contains The Ingredients Like Sulfur And Plants Oil Which Not Only Eradicates The Mites But Also Promotes The Healing. It Actively Penetrates The Skin To Melt The Body Structure Of Scabies Mites And Eggs.

See Your Doctor—The Last Resort:

If The Itching Still Persists Along With Redness And Blisters, You Should Visit Your Doctor. Getting Medical Assistance On Time Will Minimize The Risk Of The Skin Condition Getting Worse. A Doctor Will Diagnose Your Skin To Determine If You Have Scabies. Your Skin Sample Can Be Collected If They Are Not Sure Of Your Skin Condition. On The Basis Of Your Skin Condition, A Doctor Will Prescribe You Medications That Include Topical Creams And Lotions. These Medications Are Generally Applied After The Bath. A Doctor May Prescribe Pills In More Serious Case.

Following The Precautions Is Essential…

Taking Treatment Is Not The Only Solution To Scabies Itch. Besides, You Need To Follow The Precautions To Speed Up Your Recovery While Preventing Your Scabies Spread To Others. For Example, You Should Avoid Physical Contact And Sharing Of Belonging As Well. See Your Physician As Per Your Follow Up.

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