How to Prevent Scabies Infection?

From avoiding contact with the patient to disinfecting the households, learn here how to prevent scabies infection.

Scabies is a contagious disease that affects nearly 300 million people worldwide while 1 million cases are reported in the USA alone. It is caused by the mites and is characterized by the signs of itching, redness, blisters, and bumps over the skin. Given that scabies is highly infectious disease, you should be careful even if you are a healthy person. A slight contact with the infected person or with his belongings can make you prone to the infection. Therefore, it is essential to take precautionary steps if your family member, friend or co-worker has scabies. Here’s how.

Prevent scabies

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Avoid Skin to Skin Contact with an Infected Individual:

Skin to skin contact with an infected individual makes you vulnerable to scabies. Avoid prolong contact like hugging or sexual intercourse with the patients until they recover from scabies.

Don’t Use Patient’s Belongings:

Stay away from the scabies patient’s belongings like bedding, towels, utensils and daily life objects. Or use gloves while handling their belongings. Take the linens and bedsheets off the bed and get them washed separately. Besides, the clothing of the patients should be washed immediately. Learn how to wash the clothes and bedding used by patients in the next step.

Wash Their Clothes and Beddings Separately:

Make sure to launder their clothes and beddings separately with all precautions given below:

  • Use the hottest water to wash them.
  • You can use bleach to disinfect the clothes.
  • Dry the clothes using the hottest settings.
  • If you are getting them dry cleaned, tell the dry cleaners so that they can practice precautions to avoid scabies infestation on their own.

Note: If you can’t wash the material, seal them in a plastic bag and store away for at least one week. The scabies mites won’t survive long without having a human body to harbor over.

Have Your Living Environment Vacuumed and Disinfected:

 Scabies mites may be on the furniture surface. They may be lurking over the mattresses or curtains. The best ways to remove them from your living spaces is vacuuming and disinfecting. Consider vacuuming every item in the house for weeks if scabies patient is living with you. Make sure to cover the things like furniture, chairs, couches, curtains, and mattresses. Besides, spray disinfectants over the surfaces of your furniture.

Take a Note of Environment:

There are many places where you are highly vulnerable to scabies such as college dormitories, nursing homes, childcare centers and camps. So you should be extra cautious while visiting these places. Avoid physical contact with the people as possible and don’t touch the surfaces being used by the patients. You can wear gloves.

Seek Proper Treatment:

Watch for the signs of scabies if your family member, friend or co-worker is infected. Remember, scabies signs take a week or two to occur once the mites infect a person. Some of the earlier signs of scabies are relentless itching, rashes, bumps and zigzag rashes.

With the help of these measures, you can prevent scabies infection. And see your physician if you are doubtful of symptoms. After all, precaution is better than cure.

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