How to reduce scabies itching?

Being a contagious infection of the skin, scabies is generally known as the “human itch”. It is associated with intense itching. Need a solution to this itch? Checkout some useful solution here!

How to reduce scabies itching?

Is your body itching?

Sometimes an itch is just a temporary annoyance. But if that itch persists, and it starts appearing as a rash, or gets worse at night, then you are suspected to have scabies.

Yes, scabies is an infestation caused by mites, which can lead to itching and raised red spots. Basically, these mites burrow under your skin and lay eggs there. The worst thing about scabies is that it can spread quickly and can cause severe itching.

In case, you are looking for some easy home solution, here are listed few to reduce itching.

Avoid of hot water bath

Yes, you need to take shower in cold water. Actually, hot showers are likely to make your itch worse, reason being, excessively hot water quickly dries out and cause more irritation. Bathe in cold water and you will soothe your skin, meanwhile maintaining natural balance of oils (like sebum) intact.

What if you cannot handle cold water showers? Not a problem! You can start out with warm water and gradually decrease the temperature until it becomes unbearable. It might be a challenge for you if you love hot showers. But it seriously helps!

Enjoy Epsom salt bath.

In the last article you read about oatmeal bath, right? If you cannot tolerate that milky solution, another great soaking option for the itch is to have an Epsom salt bath. Also called as magnesium-sulphate, Epsom salts, are well-known to reduce inflammation. Plus, it helps keep your mineral contents in check.

With the salt, feel free to add several other ingredients like baking soda and other essential oils like neem oil, jojoba oil, and tee tree oil.

Increase water consumption

You already know that your body is made of water and you need to keep ingesting it to keep fit. And it turns truer when it comes to caring for your skin! If you aren’t having appropriate enough water, it will make your skin dry and you will be itchier.

So, drink lots of water and you can add water rich foods like fruits, which help meet your body’s water requirement. 

Apply caladryl lotion

Do you know caladryl is a very effective itch reducer?  It has been used for generations to treat all kinds of itchiness. Hence, if you just want to relieve itching, it can be used.

Look for a permanent solution

As far as itching is concerned, you might get relief from one of the above mentioned solutions. But it is necessary to get rid of scabies mites. How? You need a proper treatment package like Dr. Scabies which works safely and efficiently on these bugs.

Buy it today and say good-bye scabies!

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