I Have Scabies And The Permethrin Made Me Itch Really Bad; Anything Else That Might Help?

Permethrin is a pesticide based cream that is often prescribed for treatment of Scabies. It comes with a set of side effects and sometimes aggravates the itching for a few initial days.

Permethrin based medication is available in the form of creams or lotions. Most manufacturers generally claim that one application is enough to get rid of the Scabies. But they forget to mention the side effects and the fact that it might not suit all patients.

1. Side Effects of Permethrin

Before you opt for a permethrin based treatment, please be aware of the side effects. It can cause extreme itching in the skin. The skin can turn very red and inflammed. Certain patients also complain of tingling sensation and numbing of the skin. If the pesticide does not suit you, you might get an additional rash.

2. Try Dr.Scabies

Instead of exposing your body to such toxins, why not opt for a safe and natural cure like Dr. Scabies. A single treatment of Dr.Scabies is any day better than using ten tubes of permethrin.

3. Dr.Scabies Is Completely Safe

All products from Dr.Scabies are fully safe and reliable. There are no side effects and they are made of natural ingredients. You will not find any harmful chemicals in it. It uses sulphur as the main ingredient and is devoid of any pesticides that may be present in permethrin.

4. Made Up Of Natures Goodness

Dr.Scabies is made up of eighty percent natural ingredients. The active chemical in it is sulfur that has been used in the highest permissible levels, in order to protect the patient at all times. Invest in a kit from Dr.Scabies and say good bye to Scabies forever.

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