Is permethrin a prescription drug?

Scabies, Dr. Scabies, Permethrin, Scabies Mites, Eliminate ScabiesAs obvious from the composition, when you choose to be treated by a permethrin based cream, you are willingly exposing your body to a pesticide. The side effects of using such a product are not one but many. And the exposure to risk seems like a futile exercise especially because in many cases, there are high chances of a re-infestation.

Lets read more about some facts regarding permethrin and its products –

1. Is It A Prescription Drug?

Products that have permethrin in 5% or a higher concentration fall in the category of prescription drugs.

Unlike natural scabicides like Dr. Scabies that are available over the counter, the former will require a prescription from the doctor. In other words, only when a medicine is not considered safe for use without doctor’s approval, is it tagged as prescription strength drug.

2. The After Effects

In some rare cases, permethrin based products might get relief for the patient, but it does leave behind a long list of nasty side effects. The patient feels tingling, itching, burning and pain in the spots that were affected by the mites.

3. Harmful on ingestion and for the eyes

People have reported that on accidental exposure of eyes to the permethrin cream, intense pain and redness follow in almost no time. Others who ingested it by mistake reported nausea, pain and a sore throat. You have a choice between exposing your body to such a deadly chemical or a natural product like Dr Scabies. The choice is yours to make!

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