Is Scabies a Genetic disease?

Scabies- it is defines as a human skin condition, which is said to be caused by infestation of tiny mites called Sarcoptes scabiei. These tiny mites are hardly visible to the naked eye. They form burrows under your skin and cause itchy sensation. Basically, the human body serves as a host to these scabies mites. They get blood meals from their host to live and reproduce. Yes, the female mites breed here and lay their eggs, leading to increase in the problem up to a great extent. Gradually, this infestation makes your skin itchier and also develops rashes around the site of infestation. 

Hence, it is clear that the reason behind scabies is the presence of mites beneath your skin. But, often there is a question asked…

Is it a genetic skin disorder? 

Undoubtedly, scabies is a highly contagious disease. But, it is not genetically transmitted. It can pass on to child from parents due to direct and indirect mode, but not through genes. Therefore, you don’t need to worry much about this. If you are thinking about how it transfers from one person to another, here is your answer:

  1. Direct Mode: These scabies mites transmit from person to person through direct skin contact. When a person comes into contact with scabies diseased for long duration, like shaking hands for long time, sleeping together, etc., he gets infested too. 
  2. Indirect Mode: The tiny bugs cannot jump or fly, but they can still pass on from non-living objects to humans through indirect mode. As these scabies mites can survive off their host for  4 to 7 days on any object like your furniture, bed sheet, towels, attires, door knobs, or anything else, which was earlier used or in contact with the diseased. When other person comes into contact with any of such object, he too gets infected. 


Hence, it is not a genetic problem. Rather anyone, from any caste, color and gender can be affected by it. 

What are the symptoms of scabies?

It is not necessary that you will observe these symptoms as soon as you get infested by scabies mites. Sometimes, it might take up to two weeks for complete symptoms to appear. Still, what you will first face includes:

Intense itching: This is probably the first and most common symptom, which you will observe if you are infested by the scabies mites. It can occur anywhere, but it is usually found around the folds of the skin. Hence, the most common places include elbows, knees, wrists, arms, around the waist, between buttocks, between the fingers, and under arms. In case of small children and infants, it can happen anywhere on the body. In addition this itching gets more prominent at night time. 

Rashes: Another major symptom is the presence of red patches or pimple like signs on the skin surface. They might be small in beginning, but grew larger when not taken care of. 

Blisters and burrows: You might also find some white lines on the skin. These are the burrows formed by the mites to lay their eggs.  

What is the treatment for scabies?

If you are suspected scabies, you immediately need to visit your doctor. Nowadays there are number of medicated lotions and ointments, which are prescribed by the doctors for treating scabies. But, if you are looking for an effective, safe and efficient solution, then you need to switch to a natural option like Dr. Scabies. Being one of the most recommended FDA-registered, natural and homeopathic remedy, it is known for having the highest and safest concentration of sulfur, along with several natural oils. All the components help you get rid of scabies. This treatment includes all forms, i.e. cream, liquid soap and liquid concentrate, making it perfect way to treat scabies. It is manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility. Hence, you can rest assure on its quality and eradicate this problem from its roots!

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