New Red Itchy Bumps after Post scabies treatment

Getting reinfested with scabies is not something to neglect. Scabies is an extremely uncomfortable skin condition that caused itching and rashes on the skin as scabies mites crawl and burrow deep into the skin and lay their eggs. At first, you may not see the signs of scabies, but when they do show up, you’ll experience severe itching specifically at night or after a hot shower. This is due to the skin gets irritates due to the eggs and debris of scabies mites.

New Red Itchy Bumps after Post scabies treatment

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Permethrin is a standard treatment that’s prescribed by many doctors to treat scabies. This synthetic chemical has a wide range of insecticidal exercise to kill scabies mites. It attacks certain nerve endings of the itch mites and further kills them. Even during the treatment, you’ll feel discomfort because your skin reacts to these mites and debris in your skin.

Post scabies syndrome

You may even see the appearance of new red itchy bumps soon after Permethrin treatment. This happens due to the immune reaction of the body and it’s called post scabies syndrome. It is very hard to figure out various irritations once your skin contracted by scabies.

Scabies itching even gets worse during the initial application of Permethrin. So, it becomes difficult to find out why you’re still experiencing same symptoms. Permethrin treats you within the 1st several times but that time you’ll feel sudden itching sensations. This may feel like that the treatment is not working or you may have reinfested yourself. It happens because even this cream contains chemicals that leave your skin irritated and causes burning sensation. But these are just the signs of body’s immune reaction.

Treat post scabies symptoms

Post scabies itching can be treated them just like you treat itching caused by active scabies mites. You can take cool baths with baking soda to soothe the skin. A cold shower can be taken before going to the bed as you’re more likely to get itchy at night. You can also apply some over-the-counter anti-itch creams like Calamine lotion or Dr. Scabies to treat post scabies symptoms. Both of them have the ability to soothe irritated skin, as well as relieve itching.

For post scabies syndrome, you may avoid the usage of permethrin cream - as it is strong and contains pesticides. Since the itch mites are already dead, there’s no need to use strong creams containing pesticides - otherwise, you’ll just irritate your skin more and make you feel worse rather than providing any help in relieving the symptoms.

You can also apply natural home remedies to treat these post scabies symptoms. For instance, use tea tree oil, neem oil or other essential oils to relieve these annoying symptoms. These oils are known to have antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties to kill parasites. Moreover, these oils provide a soothing effect on the skin to alleviate pain and provide relief to the irritated skin. You can also use aloe vera get for its soothing effect.

What about Re-Infection of Scabies?

People are likely to mistake these signs as scabies re-infection, but these are post-scabies symptoms. These signs are so similar that it is really hard to tell the difference. But when a person is re-infected very fine lines among the tiny red bumps appear on the skin. These fines lines indicate the presence of burrows under the skin. If you find yourself re-infested, immediately see your doctor for a diagnosis. It’s important that you get effective treatment for re-infestation before the condition gets worse.


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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."