Protect your child from scabies!

Scabies- the seven year itch can affect anyone. And by anyone here means young and old, male and female, rich and poor, from all over the globe. Your color, creed, race, age, etc. doesn’t matter. Transmitted by the tiny mites called Sarcoptes scabiei, this contagious skin disease is said to affect over 300 million people worldwide.

Even the little toddlers are not safe from this itchy skin disorder. Don’t believe this, read on this story of a suffering mother, Elis.

I am a working woman and a mother to 21 month old son. For last 5 years I have been working in a hospital as an accountant. Recently, there were few scabies cases detected in our hospital. I wasn’t aware of the fact that it is highly contagious.

A week before it started itching on my hands and feet. It continued to a few days and it turned severe at night. I also observed pimple like rashes near my elbows. I discussed with my colleague and she suspected that it might be scabies. On getting it checked by the doctors, we found that I was infested by the itchy mites. Doctors prescribed some medicines to me and I returned home. But, what I saw after returning home was more miserable. My little baby was too suffering from rashes and itching. The baby sitter told me that it was from last few days. It took no time for me to understand that even he was infected too.

However, to make sure I rushed to the hospital with my son. Doctors checked him thoroughly and I was surprised that even such a small child can be infested by with this itchy skin disease. It was frustrating me a lot and how much it would be irritating to the little one was really worrying me. I cared for every little thing from the same day and with proper medication it took me two weeks complete to get rid of scabies mites. On the other hand my son was all well in just a week luckily!

Hence, it is clear that scabies can affect anyone, even your children. But, how to ensure that your child is having scabies? Well, here are some symptoms, if you find any of these you need to take him to the doctor.

  • Itching: He might not be able to tell you about this. But, you will observe it soon. His skin will start itching and this problem will turn severe at night. In addition, if you use warm water to make him bath, this will increase his itching. 
  • Rashes: The major sign of scabies is that there will appear some red rashes on his skin. With the passage of time he’ll develop an extremely itchy rash, which will turn into scattered red bumps. They will commonly appear around his wrists, on the outside of his elbows, armpits, and belly or between his fingers. This is not all; these rashes may also appear kneecaps, palms of the hands, scalp, face, sides and soles of the feet. 
  • Burrows: If you see some wavy light brown or silvery lines, then these can be the burrows where the mites are living beneath your child’s skin. In several cases, there also develop some little pustules, small pimples and water-filled blisters.
  • Scratch: These occur at the place where your child feels intense itching. The nasty-looking scabs become a spot for bacterial infection later.

As soon as you see any of such signs, you need to take him to the doctor. Remember, the sooner he’s treated, the sooner he’ll get rid of the scabies mites and sooner he will be more comfortable. Moreover, he will be less prone to further infection.

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