Removing Scabies from your Environment

Removing Scabies from your Environment

Scabies is a contagious skin infection which gets transferred from person to person through direct contact with the skin. It can even get transferred through sharing of clothes and bedding of the infested people.

Therefore, if a person in a household is infected with scabies not only he needs to be treated for it but also everyone else in the house has to be treated equally. Since everything in the vicinity of patient gets contaminated so it’s must to disinfect the environment as well.

To reduce the risk of mites from spreading and infecting others, disinfecting everything including clothes, furniture and even your seating places such as car seat or your office seat is must.

Disinfecting Clothing, sheets and towels

For disinfecting clothes you need to dry them on high heat to kill the mites and the eggs. As per a study, drying clothes at a temperature of 122 degrees F (50 degrees C) for about 10 minutes can kill the mites and their eggs as well. Dryers normally get to 150 degrees on high heat. So, 20 minutes of drying on high heat is good enough to disinfect your clothes.

  • If you wash your laundry first then you will have to dry it completely and subsequently run it on high heat for next half an hour. But a more favorable option is to throw your laundry into the dryer instead of washing them and then drying. This will save the extra effort and time.


  • You can wash some stuff such as your clothes, handkerchief on a daily basis. But think about washing blankets, quilts and other large items daily. That’s too tiring and messy. So, before reusing blankets, bed pad, towels, quilts and pillows you can throw them in the dryer and then run them on dry heat.


Moreover, scabies mites or eggs cannot survive for more than 2 days without human body. So, if you leave your clothing or sheets for 2 days in a drawer then they will simple get decontaminated. So, you can avoid the hassle of sealing them in bags to eradicate the mites.

An easy way is to select few clothes for use while the treatment is going on and make sure you disinfect them daily. Everything else can be kept aside meanwhile you are being cured.

Disinfecting Rugs and furniture

Rugs and furniture are vulnerable to getting infected with scabies mites or eggs in case of crusted scabies. In normal cases, you don’t have to treat rugs or curtains or counters.

In case of normal scabies there are just 5 to 20 live mites. Although it seems there are many but most of them are killed by your immune system as soon as they hatch. But in reality it is crusted scabies in which the person has thousands of live mites.

  • For disinfecting rugs and furniture you don’t really need to use insecticides for treating furniture, rugs or your bed but you can vacuum cloth furniture and rugs.
  • You can also use 1/2% solution of permethrin and water and spray over cloth furniture just to assure that there are no mites.

Disinfecting car seats and cloth office chair

You can use scabicidal sprays such as permethrin spray or Dr Scabies spray to disinfect your car seats or office chairs. You can buy Dr Scabies spray from a medical store near you.

  •  You just have to spray it over the area you want to disinfect until it is visibly wet. After you are done with the spraying leave it for sometime before it dries out completely. Do this procedure in shade as sunlight will degrade permethrin.

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