Say ‘No’ to these 7 foods for a safer pregnancy!

Say ‘No’ to these 7 foods for a safer pregnancy!

Summary: In the modern age, the majority of foods available in the market come with a compromised nutritional value. There can be varying reasons for this. But the adverse affects on health cannot be overlooked. Especially, when you are pregnant, you need to be double sure what you consume. Here is a list of food you need to strictly avoid when you are expecting.


For all the expectant mothers, a good pregnancy diet is something more than essential. If you wish to have a healthy trouble-free pregnancy, and want to gift your baby a healthy life, you need to take care of your diet. It is the proper nutrition which ensures the normal fetal growth and development. The reason being, eating the right pregnancy foods not only helps maintain the hormonal balances, but also helps control mood swings, depression, and several other behavioral concerns related to pregnancy.

Alternatively, it is essential here to learn that improper nutrition can lead to sever health issues. Do you know consuming the wrong foods increases the possibilities of birth defects such as poor fetal development, disability, low birth weight, and it can increase the possibility of miscarriage too! While you might have learned a lot about the necessary foods to add in your regime during pregnancy, it is now time to learn the restricted ones.

Find out some foods you need to say ‘NO’:

Raw Proteins: Remember, when you are expecting a baby, you need to stay away from undercooked beef, fish, poultry and eggs. This means you need to avoid all those food items carrying raw proteins. Basically, these are rich in salmonella bacteria. And the effects are highly dangerous.  Also, they comprise of a variety of other viruses or parasites; for example, Toxoplasmosis - a parasite which can cause devastating birth defects.

Unrefined Milk: Generally, milk and milk products are known to be a great addition any diet. And no doubt, during pregnancy these are too essential. However, not is raw form. In normal condition, raw milk offers enzymes which aid digestion. Also, it ensures better nutritional value. But, it consists of listeria, which is a bacterium that might lead to miscarriage. So, avoid it!

Caffeine: This one is to be avoided, and if you feel it’s harder to do, at least reduce it considerably. Several studies have linked caffeine with premature birth, lower birth weight, and, sometimes miscarriage. It is said to reduce iron absorption and being a diuretic it reduce the fluid amount in the body. Hence, it leads to dehydration and calcium loss, which is not desirable for mother and child.

Mercury-Laden Fish:  While some might consider it as a healthy food, but all fishes are not great. Some of them contain much more mercury, making it an unhealthy option. The list includes, tile fish, shark, grouper, swordfish, and orange roughy. Even the tuna, saltwater bass, halibut, sea trout, etc. are known to have high levels of mercury. Though, the latter is not quite as hazardous as the others, hence these can be eaten once a while.

Artificial Sweeteners:

When it is about artificial sweeteners, the food industry will try to convince you that these are safe. But these chemicals have always been known to cause a variety of health hazards. While saccharine is said to elevate cancer rates, aspertame is linked with numerous neurological issues. Hence, these sweeteners can be extremely dangerous. So, no matter which artificial sweeteners you have been using, strictly avoid them during pregnancy.

Thus, make a wise choice and avoid them. Go healthy and be safe!


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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."