Scabies came back after months - What to do?

Have you battled with scabies for a complete one month but the monstrous mites again attacked? Well, you’re likely to see signs of scabies even after the treatment as dead mites are still present in your skin and need time to completely eradicate. But in some cases, scabies reoccur even after two or three months or even after a year. If it occurs after a few months then chances are that you may have caught it again from a family member that has contracted it before but didn’t show up the signs at that time. Therefore, it is said to get the entire family member treated for scabies at once even if some members don’t show symptoms of scabies.

Scabies came back after months - What to do?

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But if you’ve contracted again after a year or so, then you may have caught them again from some shared public spaces like hospital, nursing home, gym, office or any other place where you use shared items. In this article, we’ll discuss standard treatment time and post-scabies syndromes.

Standard Treatment for Scabies

The standard treatment for scabies is to apply a prescribed 5% permethrin cream to the entire body. From head to heels, you need to apply it everywhere as you never know which part of your body these annoying mites are living in. So, it is recommended to cover the entire skin even under hair strands and near nails. You need to consult your physician about the proper application of a cream or lotion.

A lotion/ointment need to be kept overnight and wash it off the very next morning along with all clothes that you were wearing during bedtime. Don’t forget to wash the bedding as well. This is because the scabies mites may be living on the surfaces or items near your bed. If the items cannot be washed, you can keep them in a plastic bag for at least five days - as scabies mites cannot live for more than four days without a host body.

This same routine must be followed every day for one week after the initial treatment. It is done to kill any mites that may have hatched eggs that may have survived the first treatment. No medicine is known to kill the eggs, therefore you need to follow up with the second treatment. Just like you, all your family members must follow this same procedure at the same time, even if they’re not experiencing the symptoms.

What Is Post-Scabies Syndrome?

An immediate relief is not experienced after the first permethrin application - as it takes around 48 to 72 hours for the cream or lotion to kill the mites. After that second treatment hs to be followed to kill mites that may have hatched from the eggs that were not killed at the first time. Even debris and dead bodies of the itch mites are going to cause irritation on your skin until completely removed.

So, you should know that even during and after the treatment you’re going to experience some itching. This is known as the post-scabies syndrome and it causes are not clearly known. In this condition, people continue to experience scabies-like symptoms even after successful eradication of the mites. This actually happens because the body is still working to expel the debris and remains of the killed mites. Probably the body exhibits a long-lasting immune reaction - either to the mites and their debris.

Although permethrin is a standard treatment for scabies, it does have potential side effects. If you’re concerned you may consult your doctor to suggest an alternative like Dr. Scabies cream, which is made from natural ingredients.


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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."