Scabies Treatment- This ‘neglected’ tropical disease needs your attention!!!

The itchy and highly contagious skin disorder, ‘Scabies’ is becoming a great threat day by day. Despite of cast, religion and gender, it can affect any person. There is no specific reason of having scabies. But, yes, it is a painful and infuriating disease. The best way to prevent scabies is to learn about it in detail. Read on to know more.

Scabies is not new to the world and nowadays it is becoming a major public health problem, especially in the developing countries. Do you know that nearly 130 million people are affected by this contagious disease at any time? In addition to this, on an average 300 million cases are registered worldwide in a year.

Well, if it is something new to you, it is important to learn that ‘Scabies’ has its roots in history. Yes, the first case was detected somewhere near to 384 – 322 BC. A person named Aristotle was identified with the tiny mites named ‘Sarcoptes scabiei’. Thus, you can say that scabies has been infecting humans for more than 2500 years, and the trend continues. Have a look at the below search demographics.

It represents the searches of past 10 years, i.e. from 2005 to 2015, representing the constant evolution of this skin disorder.

Check below Google search trends demographics which countries are mostly searching about scabies

What is Scabies and How to Treat Scabies?

This is the most common question asked regarding scabies Treatment. According to the WHO (world health organization):

“Scabies is a contagious skin infection that spreads rapidly in crowded conditions and is found worldwide.”

Basically, it is a parasitic infestation, which get severe with the passage of time and causes relentless itching and angry rashes. If proper attention is not paid, it can lead to skin sores with bacterial infection. And, this is not the end. The consequences of this infestation are more perilous. It can cause heart disease, chronic kidney disease and septicemia. Next thing you look for is the reason for scabies, isn’t it?

What causes scabies?

It is a small eight-legged microscopic mite ‘Sarcoptes scabiei’, which causes scabies infestation in humans. This itch mite is just 1/3 millimeter long and found all over the world. Hence, humans from all parts of the world are infected by it.

It is the fertilized female, which burrows into your skin, forms a tunnel and lay eggs there. It can lay up to 30 eggs. The larvae takes around three to ten days to hatch and then they start moving beneath the skin surface. Once they migrate to the upper surface they change into adult mites. It can survive up to three to four weeks on a human host. During their lifetime, mating occurs on the skin surface and the process repeats.

One thing more, these mites cannot jump or fly. Now, you must be wondering how they get transmitted? Read on.

What are the different modes of transmission for scabies?

Scabies mites are the only mites, which can transfer from human to human. And, this is the major cause of its transmission. Generally, scabies transmission can be divided into two categories:

Direct Mode: As stated earlier, these mites cannot fly, but when a person get into direct contact with an infectious for a prolonged time, he can get infested. The skin to skin contact, like sleeping together, shaking hands for long duration and much more causes scabies.

Indirect Mode: The scabies mites cannot survive off the human host for long. But, it can stay alive for 3 to 7 days. These mites can be present on the beddings, towels, chair or any other thing which has been used by the diseased recently. When a person come into contact with those infectious stuff, i.e. towel, furniture, etc., the scabies mites are transmitted.

Hence, it is not necessary that you will be infected only if you get into direct skin contact. Even, the non-living things, containing scabies mites can be dangerous. But, how to confirm that you are infected by scabies or not? The answer is quite simple, if you can observe the major symptoms, you are infested.

What are the symptoms of scabies?

To check whether you are infected with scabies mites or not, make a check on these points:

  1. It causes you rash and intense itching, which gets severe at the night time. The major reason behind severe itching condition is the “allergic” reactions, which is caused by these mites.
  2. Rashes are mostly found in hidden sites, i.e. within the folds of skin like around the wrists, between fingers, beneath the elbows, and armpits. In many cases rashes can be like scaly patches, similar to that of eczema.
  3. Tiny pimple like red spots can be discovered on several skin areas such as thighs, knees, abdomen waistline, male genitals, lower portion of buttocks and many other places.
  4. Skin sores are another sign of scabies infestation. It is caused due to the scratching of itchy rash. Moreover, if not treated on time, infection can develop in these sores.
  5. Thick crusts develops on the skin surface. Generally, these crusts can house 100s to 1,000s of mites, making problem severer.

Along this, it is important know that scabies can affect any human, i.e. caste, sex, race, and even age doesn’t matter! Yes, it can affect the children too. Are you surrounded by several myths regarding scabies? You need to read them.

Scabies Myths and Facts:

Just like the above stated myth, there are enormous myths related to this itchy disease. Not a problem. Here are some facts, which will give you the right direction:

Myth #1: Scabies is adult prone disease.

Fact: Both adults and children can be affected by scabies. In fact, it is one of the three most common skin problem in the children.

Myth #2: Scabies happens only if one practices poor hygiene

Fact: The truth is that even people with excellent hygiene can be infested by scabies, by coming into direct contact with an infectious.

Myth#3: Treatment is simple.

Fact: It is curable, but it is not so easy. It takes a few courses of treatment to clear scabies completely. These mites are resilient and hard to remove from human skin and environment. And, this is the reason it is also called ‘seven year itch’.

Myth #4: Only the affected person needs treatment.

Fact: It is a contagious disease and saying that only the diseased is to be treated for scabies is something completely wrong. In addition to the patient, the environs (link with DrScabies blog), the furniture, clothes, towels, etc. used by him or which came in his direct contact by anyhow, needs to be treated for scabies at the same time.

Myth #5: Scabies is popular to underdeveloped countries

Fact: Scabies is a widespread disease and cases have been observed in every part of the world. For example, you can consider the search demographic from Google trends, representing the searches made all over the world. Having the USA at the top position it clarifies that scabies is no more limited to underdeveloped countries.

How to treat scabies?

When it comes to treatment, there are a number of natural and unnatural ways to cure scabies. In order to find out which one is the best, it is essential to know about them in detail. Here is a glimpse of some most common solutions:

Tea Tree Oil: It is a derivative of the tea tree, which is generally recommended for treating enormous skin problems such as acne, presence of lice, infections from fungus and many more. There is no denying to the fact that it consist of antiseptic properties and has high index of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. These facts provide instant relief in boils, sore throat, herpes, but not scabies. If you want to get rid of the eggs completely, an active ingredient like Sulfur is a must have.

Permethrin: Being one of the most popular method to fight back scabies, permethrin works by paralyzing and killing the tiny mites. But, if you are using permethrin for scabies treatment, then remember one thing that you are exposing yourself to pesticide. It might bring you immediate relief, but using it without a doctor’s approval is not advisable. An improper amount of permethrin can lead to several nasty side effects, including extreme itching, redness, swelling and inflammation.

Lindane: This one is also known as ‘scabicide’ and is popular for killing the scabies mites and their eggs. But, do you known that it has caused seizures and proved to be fatal when used repeatedly? Moreover, it is considered unsafe for children. And, if your body weight is less than 110 pounds, using lindane can be dangerous. It can affect your nervous system adversely.

But, this doesn’t mean that there is not optimum solution for treating scabies. With a number of evolutions, Dr. Scabies turn out to be a true, reliable, safe and efficient solution for this itchy skin ailment.

What make Dr. Scabies different?

Separating from the other treatment available in the market, Dr. Scabies is different in many terms. Have a look:

  • Being the most recommended FDA-registered and homeopathic remedy it has proved to be effective worldwide.
  • Assuring you high-end quality, it is manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility.
  • Dr. Scabies doesn’t make use of permethrin or any other pesticide, which can cause harm to your skin later.
  • It consist of ingredients with high concentration of natural components, offering better and safer results.
  • You can count on Dr. Scabies, as no harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, parabens, synthetic dyes, ethoxylates, petrolatum or any animal derivatives are used in it.

Yes, it is the only 100% natural treatment, which eradicates scabies completely. It consist of sulfur, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, cetyl palmitate (from palm oil), sesamum indicum (sesame) oil, chamomilla recutita (chamomile)extract, helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil, pure plant oil complex, stearic acid from coconut oil, cymbopogon nardus (citronella) oil, and several other natural oils.

But, is it really sufficient to treat the diseased only? No, there is much more you need to do.

How to get rid of scabies completely?

Well, a safe and natural treatment like Dr. Scabies is an ideal remedy for curing an infectious person. However, to prevent recurrence it is greatly important to make the environment scabies free.

These tiny bugs can survive off their host for several days, and if a person get into contact with them, chances of re-infestation enhances greatly. Mites can be present anywhere, it can be your sofa, your bed, the toilet seat, the curtains, the towel or your attires.

Now, you understand how important it is to clean the environs. There is a one stop solution, Dr. Repellent. It is the most powerful combination of natural ingredients to protect your furniture, clothes, and other stuff away from the itch mite ‘Sarcoptes scabiei’.

In all, it is first important to realize that scabies cannot be ignored. The number of scabies infected person around the world is equivalent to the population of well- developed regions like USA (321,275,000), Japan (126,880,000), Russia (146,267,288) and Eurozone countries (335 million). Therefore, you must be aware of this itchy skin problem and its cure!

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