TEA TREE OIL; An Effective Way To Cure Scabies

If you are experiencing a constant red rashes everywhere throughout the body that is either irritated or excruciating (some of the time both) then possibilities are that you might experience the ill effects of scabies.

This article will give a short review of the condition and will recommend tea tree oil, one of the best home remedies to get relief fast.

Home Remedies for Scabies

In any case, there are a few common cures, which are not extremely meddling, but rather are still profoundly successful to dispose of scabies without obliging you to settle on doctor prescribed treatments. Today, we are here to discuss about tea tree oil. Keep reading…

Tea Tree Oil

You might be excused for feeling that our site might be financed (we are not!) by a tea tree oil lobby, due to the sheer number of times it appears as a conceivable solution for a wide variety of skin tribulations.

Don’t hesitate to do your free research, yet toward the day’s end you will find that tea tree oil is for sure an intense solution for a wide variety of skin conditions, including scabies.

Using tea tree oil will cure you of your scabies because of the following reasons:

  • It balances the pH level of your skin by making it marginally acidic. Does your skin become healthy, as well as makes the environment greatly ungracious for the scabies parasite.
  • Tea tree oil contains terpinen-4-ol which specifically assaults and dispenses with the scabies parasite.
  • The anti-microbial properties of tea tree oil will secure the infected area from auxiliary diseases.

Below are the methods by which you can use tea tree oil to cure your scabies:

  • Fill your bathtub with lukewarm water with12 drops of tea tree oil in it. Absorb yourself this water for no less than 15 minutes, two times each day.
  • Blend tea tree oil with olive oil in a 1:1 ratio. Apply this to an unaffected part of your skin, to guarantee that your skin is not unmistakably sensitive to it.
  • If it is, you may build the content of olive oil, however, the proportion of tea tree oil to olive oil ought not surpass 1:2, for the treatment to be viable.
  • Presently apply the blend to the infected area with a cotton ball.
  • Try not to wash the area and allow your skin to spray the blend, so it might take out the scabies parasite.

Both of the above strategies ought to dispose of the scabies infection in half a month. It would be ideal if you take note of that tea tree oil is to a great degree brutal in an undiluted form and you ought to never apply it to your scabies without weakening it first.

So, these were the benefits that tea tree oil has to cure scabies in best possible natural ways. In case you have any query, do share with us in the comment box given below!

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