Top 5 Homemade Face Packs for Oily Skin- You Must Try!

Oily skin is a problem for everyone. Especially, in the summer days, the problem amplifies and results into severe skin conditions such as acne, pimples, etc. But not to worry! Now you can say goodbye to oily skin and the problems associated in the most natural way. Yes, not just one or two here are 5 amazing homemade packs to give you oil free and beautiful skin. Read on.

Do you have some fruits, veggies, curd, milk, etc. in your refrigerator? No, No, it is not that you are going to learn ‘how to cook’ something. In fact, it is about your skin.

So, you have been dreaming for soft, supple, and oil free skin, isn’t it? Well, you are not the only one, there are many who fear from oily skin. But do you know that there are so many things available in your kitchen which can help you to keep oil at bay? Those fruits, dairy products, vegetables, and much more, which you have been doing a lot good to your health, can do wonders to your skin. All you need to do is learn the right way to use them. Explore some solutions here:

Banana, Honey and Lemon Juice Pack Take one banana and mash it up. Place this mixture in a bowl and add one tablespoon of honey. Mix it well and add one tablespoon of lime juice. Mix this paste thoroughly till all the ingredients come together. Apply this banana pack on your face and neck. Leave it to dry. Wash your face and neck with hot water after fifteen minutes. This face pack helps in reducing excess oiliness of skin and works as good as any suntan removal cream in lightening suntan.

1. Orange, Lemon and Honey Pack

You can also prefer to make a face pack with orange peels, lemon juice and honey. Take one tablespoon of powder made out of dried orange peels. Mix it with one teaspoon of lemon juice. Add one teaspoon of honey to this mixture. Mix it well till it forms a thick paste. Apply this mixture to your face and neck and massage in circular motion. Leave it on for twenty minutes and wash it off with cold water.

2. Neem, Tulsi and Yogurt Pack

Are you fed of pimples? For the oil skin, it is one of the biggest problem which rises in summers. It can be due to the sweat, sebum and many other reasons. But you can now get rid of pimples and acne easily. Just crush 7-10 Neem leaves and 7-10 Tulsi leaves. To this paste, you can add some distilled water and then yoghurt to for a consistent paste. Apply it to face gently and let it dry for 15 minutes. You can rinse off later.

3. Strawberry, Honey and Brown Sugar Pack for Oily Skin

With all the goodness of strawberries and honey, this face pack is a perfect solution to remove excess oil from skin, and that too without making it completely dry. All you will need is 6 fresh, a tablespoon of honey, sugar and lemon juice each.

Put the strawberries in a bowl and add honey, brown sugar and lemon juice it. Blend them all together and apply the mixture to your face and neck. Allow it to dry for ten minutes at least. Later you can wipe it off with a warm wet cloth. You can repeat this twice a week for glowing skin.


4. Tomato and Yogurt Pack

You will need some fresh tomatoes. Simply take some tomato juice and blend it with yoghurt or you can use curd. If you want bright skin, you can add a pinch of turmeric to this. Keep the consistency right, so that when you apply, it doesn’t drip off.

You have to apply this on the face with little massaging. Keep it on your skin for 20 minutes and then wash the face with cold water. This magical solution is perfect to take away the tanning. Also this lightens scars and improves the skin color.

5. Oatmeal and Yoghurt Pack

Summers are the best time to exfoliate your skin. Why not keep things natural this time? Try out this face pack which can be made with oatmeal. All you have to do is blend some oatmeal with yoghurt. You can leave it for few minutes to let them get softer. Covering from neck to face, apply the pack and let it dry for the 20 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water.  

These homemade face packs will help in providing all the nutrients your skin need, meanwhile reducing oily skin up to a great level. Try them out and enjoy refreshing skin!

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."