Vitamin C Foods: You Cannot Afford to miss Them!

Diet has a significant role in your life. In order to lead a good and healthy life, it is important you have a balanced diet, a blend of all important vitamins, minerals, and much more. And if you are looking for some Vitamin C rich foods, here is a list you can follow.

Vitamin C Foods: You Cannot Afford to miss Them!

Almost everyone is aware of the countless benefit of vitamin C. It is one of the most essential vitamins your body need to function properly. While it helps to boost the immune system, consuming foods which are high in vitamin C significantly help in reduction of the chances of becoming ill. Especially, during the cold and flu season, it becomes a must to have good amount of Vitamin C. Probably this is the biggest reason why most of the cold medicines and treatments consists of vitamin C.

It is immune boosting properties of this vitamin which makes it an excellent choice for those who fear for colds, infections and several other diseases. And that’s not all! Besides boosting immune system, it also helps prevent a number of ailments such as cancer and strokes. Experts believe that it assists in powering the eye health too. Furthermore, it is well known to be one of the best agents to fight aging signs. Yes, you can get rid of those wrinkles consuming Vitamin C.

Here are listed some of the amazing food items, which are highly rich in Vitamin C.

Citrus Fruits:

Nearly all knows how beneficial citrus foods are. It includes oranges, lemon, grapefruits, and limes. These are a powerful source of vitamin C. Do you know one medium orange gets you a whopping 70 mg and just a small glass of orange juice consist of 93mg of vitamin C? Why only orange, you can go for a small glass of grapefruit juice. It carries 70 mg of vitamin C.


The special fruit of New Zealand has more Vitamin C than an orange, isn’t it amazing! Yes, the small bright green fruit is a great source and is also rich in flavonoids. A number of studies have proved that people having greater amount of vitamin C-rich fruits experience a stronger respiratory tract than others, who don’t. Another benefit of having Kiwi is that it is rich in potassium too.

Brussels sprouts:

If you are deficient of Vitamin C, Brussels sprouts are something you can consider having. Will you believe, just a single serving of cooked Brussels sprouts carries 50 mg of vitamin C? Isn’t that amazing! Well, there are some other reasons to add it to your diet too. Being high in manganese, potassium, vitamin K, folate, vitamin A, and dietary fiber, they make a great healthy food.

Acerola Cherry:

It might appear to be a small red fruit, but it is full dose packed with vitamin C. Malpighia punicifolia or Acerola cherry, holds about 65x the amount of vitamin C when compared to an orange. Hence, if you don’t like oranges and limes, having fresh, raw acerola cherries is a great solution.

Bell Peppers:

The colourful veggies have been known for the cardio-protective health benefits. It is a food high in vitamin C as well as beta carotene, and helps in preventing cataracts, blood clot formation and much more. Moreover, it also helps reducing chances of heart attacks and strokes. As far as the quantity is considered, a half cup of raw red pepper has 140 mg of vitamin C. Though, all bell peppers are high in vitamin C, yet yellow and red peppers have the greatest amount.


You love their taste, and now you have another reason to bring them home. Strawberries are said to be the tastiest and healthiest berries on the planet, and yes, they are extremely high in vitamin C. Being a great source of fibre and antioxidants, it helps reducing oxidative stress up to a great extent. Moreover, it is said to protect your heart from excess LDL cholesterol.

One thing is pretty clear; vitamin C offers many health benefits when consumed on a regular basis. So, start with the above stated food to stay healthy and fit!

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