Warts Are Irritating But Remediable

Warts can appear in singular form or can attack in groups. Warts may appear in any form, but they are not cancerous. The root cause of warts to appear is a virus called as Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Warts have been affecting the lives of a human for thousands of years. They have been discovered on 3,000-year-old mummies and were mentioned by Shakespeare.

Warts Are Irritating

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Factors that increase the risk of warts include public showers, working with meat, eczema, and a low immune system.

There are myriad of treatments available to get rid of warts but there the best treatment amongst all is natural treatment. The best dermatologist Dr. Nature has gifted humans with some natural remedies to get rid of warts.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

What makes Apple Cider Vinegar the perfect remedy for the treatment of warts? You will be startled to know that Apple Cider Vinegar exhibits so many effective properties that it is often called as king of all the natural remedies. The antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of ACV play an important role to get rid of warts easily.

The acidic nature of ACV uproots the flesh of the skin that is responsible to give birth to warts.


Dip the cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar and soak it completely. Apply the soaked cotton on to warts directly. Use a bandage to keep the cotton in its place. Keep this overnight and remove the cotton in the morning. Repeat this process strictly for a week every night for the most effective results.


  • Baking Soda

Baking Soda can be easily available in every kitchen wardrobe. It is not just the king of the kitchen; it is also an important remedy to treat many skin ailments, including warts. Its antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties knock down the viruses that cause warts. So, do not just use baking soda to make cookies and cakes, use it effectively to treat your warts too.


Thoroughly mix baking soda with one tbsp of white vinegar to create a paste. Apply the paste on your warts twice in morning and at the night. Let it remain there till it dries. Keep repeating this remedy until warts disappear. The only condition for its successful treatment is that you have to follow the procedure strictly until you get rid of warts.

  • Castor Oil

The acid residing in castor oil exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are the most important catalyst to get rid of warts. Note that if you are using this particular remedy, be patient as it may take a few weeks to a month to yield the positive results. But the remedy of Castor Oil is highly effective. Apart from treating your warts, castor oil also helps in growing your hair longer, thicker and beautiful.


Directly apply the castor oil on the affected area and rub oil on it. Keep rubbing for a few minutes. Let it remain there for some time. Apply this oil twice or thrice in a day for desired results. Keep using this remedy until warts disappear.

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